i am a photographer and designer, i specialize in creating branded visual content for micro-businesses and teaching biz owners how to add some "visual" to their marketing.

visual marketing is my thing, and i want it to be YOURS too! 

in this free class i am going to show you the exact steps i use to create branded social media images - these "shareables" are a fun and easy way of amplifying your brand online and engaging with your audience.

i wil be spilling my secrets on...

  • the 3 mistakes i see people making online
  • the 4 pillars of effective visual content
  • the best free tool to make your shareables (and what size you can make them!)
  • 7 ways to use one image (so you can leverage your time)
  • 3 design techniques that will make your images look pro
  • how to choose the right text for your images

pop your email address below to get instant access to the class. it contains just 5 steps & will take about an hour - no design or photography skills needed, i promise!