i LOVE being a part of live events & conferences. i also love to deliver workshops to local groups and organisations (and can do this either live or online). 

my workshop/key note topics include:  

  • visual marketing: this is the biggest trend in business right now. people are visual, social media is visual... your biz needs to get visual. learn what, why, where, when, and how to add visual to your marketing. 
  • amplify your brand: learn the marketing secret that will help you stand out in the marketplace, attract raving fans, and create a marketing plan that works.
  • customer love: go beyond the typical "customer avatar" exercise to create deep understanding, genuine connection, and authentic communication, with all of your business marketing & selling.
  • ignite your spark: "lighthouses don't go running around looking for boats to save. they just stand their shining." learn what it means to shine and how to achieve it in your biz, resulting in feeling more authentic, confident, and enthusiastic with all of your business strategies and activities.

if you are organising an event, or if you would like me to deliver a workshop to your group, please send me an email, i would love to chat!


september 2013

online international 2 day conference

key note address: be the lighthouse. make your business shine.


  • visual marketing 101
  • DIY your own visual content

click here for my pre-conference interview  

 "I loved yesterday’s talks at #artfulbizcon by Karen Gunton…so lovely and bubbly and willing to share. I will be finding my spark (well re-igniting it!!) and stand proudly for who I am and what I do, get it out there thru authentic marketing and resonating with ‘my’ people. Such fun times ahead ”  - S Catt, Colors Australia

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october 2013

live 2 day conference | adelaide, australia

presenting: visual marketing 101 | unlocking the power of images in your business




I"t was great listening to you at the conference last week. I was particularly taken in with your “real” personality." Kate Westbrook


"Really loved your guest speech at the MOF conference very inspiring and knowledgeable! Looking forward to hopefully doing your DIY class next time it's open." Krisha Clark

"Thanks so much for your presentation on visual images yesterday at the Mumpreneur conference - I got so much out of it - feeling inspired! Thank you! " Thistle Be Good


march 2013

live group workshop = finding your most awesome customers



"Thanks to Karen Gunton for the inspirational talk today. I have my most awesome person all sorted and will be sticking her details on my pin board waiting for her to call me today. I got so many super ideas for new targeted marketing whilst doing Karen's workshop!" Debbie


april 2013

live online group workshop = amplify your brand

 "Thank you for the awesome workshop videos & materials....you did a great job for us!  I think this added a lot of value to our local organisation." Pam

start up small.png

live online telesummit keynote = why choosing small doesn't mean we can't dream big

"After listening to your words of wisdom, I feel pumped and feel on track again. It was great to hear that building a biz has a process and it's 'normal' to feel the ups and downs.  It's reassuring to know I'm not alone. You make me feel like anything is possible.  Thanks for that." Shikha



live group workshop = your brand is more than your logo. use your brand to grow your biz.