get unstuck

59 biz building ideas that you can take action on right now


this new ebook contains the BEST articles from build a little biz from 2010 - 2012 (including guest posts that have never been published at build a little biz!)

you get...

  • 59 biz building ideas in one awesome resource
  • 167 pages full of information to help you get unstuck
  • plus ALL NEW ACTION STEPS on each post so that you can implement the ideas right away. 

you can...

  • use this as a handy all-in-one resource - pick it up whenever you need it
  • OR skip ahead to the ideas you need the most RIGHT NOW
  • OR sit down and read it all in one go for a burst of ideas & inspiration
  • OR use it as a 59 day challenge and read & take action on one new idea a day

... it is your choice!

you will...

  • save time searching for helpful resources, tips & strategies online
  • avoid the stress & frustration of trying to make sense of strategies and apply them to micro-businesses run at home by women (these articles are written by someone who gets it, who gets you, and has a way of making things click!)
  • walk away with actionable ideas that you can apply right now to your biz

NOW is the time to have FUN building your biz, get unstuck, and make your biz shine.

table of contents...

your brand + framework

  • are you feeling stuck with your little biz?
  • the way you do business vs. the business you do
  • use your brand to drive your business plans
  • 13 questions to ask yourself about your business & brand
  • why your branding work is never really done. and why it matters.
  • your brand & your sales methods. do they match?
  • what message are you sending with your prices?
  • 46 random tips to help you price your stuff
  • does your product represent your brand?
  • what are you REALLY selling?
  • what do you do when you are selling the same thing everyone else is selling?
  • is your unique bit of business awesomeness actually unique?
  • It’s time to strike the word affordable from your brand message
  • WHY you need an ideal customer & HOW to figure out who she is
  • 3 ways to keep your focus on your customers
  • what message are your customers longing to hear?
  • understanding customer objections

marketing strategies

  • how do i promote my little biz?
  • what does your online marketing plan look like?
  • make the most of your online presence
  • is your online marketing strategy getting you down?
  • the 5 elements of a kick ass newsletter
  • blogging tips for people who don’t like writing
  • don't know what to blog about? 6 tips & 13 ideas to get you blogging
  • generosity marketing - the case for 'free'
  • marketing strategy | build relationships
  • visual marketing 101
  • steal these ideas | make me feel good about my purchase
  • 6 strategies for marketing & selling a service
  • All You Need Is Love (Customer Love, That Is!)
  • how to make a splash with your next launch

running your biz

  • how to establish yourself as a leader in your niche (and why you must!)
  • maybe it is time to invest in yourself and your business
  • why you cannot do it all yourself for free...
  • finding funds to build your little business
  • you need to create systems for your biz
  • how to deal with difficult clients
  • my thoughts on balance, time management, and getting shit done
  • 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Biz
  • think outside the box – part 1: how will you grow your biz?
  • think outside the box – part 2: create an e-product for your biz
  • 10 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a More Confident Sales Person
  • who do you love? what can you learn from them?

kick ass inspiration

  • where is your spark?
  • do what you love
  • how to be badass
  • what i really mean when i say "be awesome"...
  • be you & attract your right people
  • are you really stuck with your biz plans or are you just making excuses?
  • are you stuck in a little business cul de sac?
  • how to build a sales mindset, and get over any ‘icky sales feelings’ you have, once and for all.
  • what do you stand for? what is your business ethos?
  • do you believe in little biz karma?
  • is there a ‘little biz’ gene?
  •  is the dream you have for yourself now the same as it always was?
  • on learning, and teaching...
  • you need new kind of list
  • maybe it is time to redefine success
  • when the going gets tough… keep marching on
  • ATTENTION: an important reminder for all little biz builders

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