• would you like to transform your business? 
  • would you like to connect with your customers & feel great about your marketing?
  • would you like to have fun while working to make your biz a success?

get the ultimate guide to find your spark and make your little biz shine


call it your why, your secret sauce, your magic recipe, your super power, or that hook you can hang your hat on... your spark is the unique combination of your own personal passions and strengths, the products and services you love to offer, and the people you wish to serve. when you hone in on your spark you can use it to let your little biz shine. you can connect with your right people, you can share what you do in a way that feels authentic and genuine, you can evolve your business naturally, and you can have FUN doing the work of building your biz.

you may have had your spark when you first started your biz and just need to find it again. you may be clear on your spark but have no idea how it can help your business. or you may need to craft your own little spark right from scratch. this guide will walk you through the process, step by step, one piece of the puzzle at a time. 

what is inside...

this guide contains strategies and tips to help you... 

  • understand what it means to shine and why it is the ultimate goal for any little biz
  • get clear on what it means to be authentic and get rid of those icky sales & marketing feelings once and for all
  • embrace the fact that YOU are the most unique part of your biz and how your spark makes your business better
  • hone in on your spark using 47 brainstorming prompts that explore your why, your strenghts, your affinities, your people, and your products/services
  • make the most of the brainstorming activities, to dig deeper and put the pieces of your puzzle together
  • inject your spark into your business, share it with the world, and set up a spark test to evolve your business naturally
  • give yourself permission to ignite your spark and make a change
  • get past roadblocks and negative mindsets so you can get yourself unstuck if necessary
  • move forward and create a profitable business with confidence and enthusiasm
  • this guide is actually so much more than a guide.  is both actionable and inspirational; it will become your own personal manifesto for building a business that truly shines, one that you will go back to, add to, and revist often.

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