build your visual marketing mojo

a step-by-step workbook to help you use visual content to make a huge impact with your marketing


visual content is the HOTTEST trend right now in business - social media is visual, people are visual, brands are visual - so it makes sense to use images as a way to engage with your right customers, build brand recognition, stand out online, and get traffic back to your biz.

but where do you start?

  • what types of visual content would work with for your biz?
  • what tools are the best to use to create visual content?
  • what should you include in your images so people actually want to take action: click, share, pin etc?
  • how can you ensure that your images look pro and have an impact?
  • how do you incorporate visual content into your marketing without it taking up too much time? 

this workbook will answer all of those questions and more. 


  • the types of images you can use to market your business
  • the free tools you can use to create them
  • the techniques you can use over and over again with any visual content you create
  • the exact steps for creating a visual marketing plan for your business

the workbook includes examples of each type of biz image, brainstorming sheets to apply the techniques to your business, printable planners that you can use over and over for your biz, as well as links to further resources to help you with your visual content creation.

if you would like to make a bigger impact with your marketing efforts, to stand out online, to get noticed by the right customers... this workbook is just for you!

you do not need to be a designer or a photographer or a creative person to make use of this workbook - the steps in this book will give you the information and the confidence to start incorporating images to your marketing. and even if you choose to hire a designer to do all of your image creation for you, this workbook will take you through each of the steps to add the right images to your biz in a way that will have maximum impact on your marketing. 

the best part is that you can add images to the strategies you are already using in your biz, using content that you already have on hand, in a way that matches your business and your audience. 

i have been studying visual marketing techniques, tools, and resources for many years: first in my work as a photographer, and now in my work here at build a little biz. i am so excited to share this strategy with you - to help you make your biz shine online using images.

here is what people are saying...

Raquel Miranda Ramirez - You are super inspirational Karen. I do believe you coined the phrase "visual marketing" and I love sharing your quotes and cool designs with my friends. Thank you for your creativity.

Clare Fitzgerald - Love these new visual marketing tools the fabulous Karen Gunton has shared. She is the queen of visual marketing!

Melanie Kissell -  Once again, I love your visual marketing info -- thank you!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for having discovered you (and your amazing talents) in the social media landscape. You SHINE!!