build your pinterest mojo

a step-by-step workbook to help you use pinterest to get more traffic & more sales

visual content is the HOTTEST trend right now in business - and pinterest is still one of the hottest social media platforms with 70 million users - most of them women, and most of them ready to spend money! so it makes sense for businesses to use pinterest as part of their visual marketing strategy - 

but how do you turn pinterest from being a time-sucking, procrastination-inducing platform to being one that helps you engage with your right customers, build brand recognition, get more traffic back to your site, and EARN MONEY?

build your pinterest mojo will take you through the process step by step!

you will learn:

  • the types of boards & pins that your ideal customers will want to follow & repin - so that you can amplify your brand & attract more of your ideal customers
  • how to create compelling images that your right people will want to click through - so that you get more traffic to your site and sell more of your products
  • the wide variety of images that you can use to promote your biz on pinterest - and how to create them yourself using free online tools
  • how to use pinterest without wasting valuable time - including scheduling, posting, organizing your process, managing multiple accounts and more
  • how to use pinterest to build your email list - so that you can build a relationship with your followers and turn followers into buyers
  • how to use pinterest to amplify your current marketing efforts (your launches, promotions, events, etc.) - so that you are not just randomly pinning stuff but actually putting pinterest to work for you
  • how to make use of strategies such as pinterest contests, group boards, secret boards, hashtags, and more - so that you are leveraging the pinterest options & tools available to your biz

the workbook:

  • contains 6 steps which include: starting with where you are right now, getting brand clarity, building your content, creating fresh content, engaging with your right people, implementing top pinterest strategies, and creating a pinterest plan
  • is divided up into 36 simple actions - these are clearly set out with full instruction so that you can very easily implement each action into your pinterest strategy.

you can go through these actions all at once, you can work on one per day and set it out as a one month challenge, you can work on some right away and put the others aside for when you are ready for them. 

this is a perfect resource for:

  • a micro-business owner wanting to get started using pinterest for biz or having already started but wanting to have a much bigger impact.
  • a biz owner wanting to have a VA help with their pinterest strategy - this is a workbook that you can pass on to your VA and she can work through each action for you
  • a VA wanting to offer pinterest management as a strategy - use this workbook to sort out each of your clients on pinterest and create the perfect pinterest plan for their biz

what people are saying about building a "pintastic biz" using these tips:

I am loving your pinterest tips Karen! My boards have never looked so good. Getting so many more repins now!! Thanks Karen! Allira Newlands

Seeing the Reach numbers of my pins in relation to the referrals to my site made me realize I am missing a HUGE opportunity to grow my blog readership - thanks for the wake-up call! I'm ready to get to work on using pinterest for my biz! Deb Kennedy