build your instagram mojo

a step-by-step workbook to help you use instagram for your business 

visual content is the HOTTEST trend right now in business - and instagram is becoming one of the hottest social media platforms with 200 million active monthly users! so it makes sense for businesses to use instagram as part of their visual marketing strategy.

but how do you use photos to tell your brand story in a way that is organic to the instagram platform (and not spammy!) how do you go from sharing photos of your food (or dog or baby or whatever it is you feel compelled to share!) to photos that will help you attract more of your ideal customers, and ultimately sell more stuff?

build your instagram mojo will take you through the process step by step!

you will learn:

  • how to use photographs to tell your brand story... to go beyond just posting photos of physical products but instead build brand recognition, build trust, and build buzz for your biz!
  • a huge variety of photographs, text images, and videos that you can start creating right away - as well as the best apps to help you do so!
  • how to take better photographs for instagram and how to add your brand to your images so that they are always linked to you and your brand
  • how to find more followers and engage with those followers
  • how to use instagram to build your email list, get buzz for a launch, connect with influencers & experts in your niche, and much more
  • the ins and outs of instagram strategies such as giveaways, contests, photo a day challenges, hashtag challenges, daily/weekly/monthly themes, exclusive promo codes, sub accounts, and more!
  • how to manage and monitor your instagram accounts, plan for using instagram consistently and effectively, and add instagram to your marketing plans

the workbook:

  • contains 6 steps - setting instagram up for your biz, brand clarity & goals, image ideas & image creation, finding followers & engagement, fun strategies for using instagram for biz, and creating your instagram plan
  • is divided up into 30 simple actions you can take on instagram - these are clearly set out with full instruction so that you can very easily implement each action into your instagram strategy
  • includes an inspiration gallery with 102 instagram images that provide examples of the strategies listed in the workbook

you can go through the actions all at once, you can work on one per day and set it out as a one month challenge for yourself , or you can work on some right away and put the others aside for when you are ready for them.

this is a perfect resource for:

  • a micro-business owner wanting to get started using instagram for biz or having already started but wanting to have a much bigger impact.
  • a biz owner wanting to have a VA help with their instagram strategy - this is a workbook that you can pass on to your VA and she can help you implement each action
  • a VA wanting to offer instagram assistance to your biz clients