build a list

step-by-step instructions for building an email list & sending a newsletter as an effective marketing strategy for your little biz (NEW updated version!)


a list of people who want to hear from you about your business is one of the most valuable things you can build for your little biz. it is low cost, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it is an excellent way promote your business; people actually read their email and people who opt in are asking you to contact them about the thing you sell. it’s WIN-WIN! the key is creating a newsletter that people will want to receive. even if you have already started building a list, this workbook can help you make your newsletter better and connect with your subscribers even more. 

inside this blueprint...

getting started

  • this is what i want you to do.
  • brainstorming guide | making the most of the  blueprint

build a  newsletter

  • why you need a list.
  • you must set up a professional, opt-in  list.
  • the value of an email address.
  • it is not about sales.

step 1 | BRAND  MESSAGE - HOW to include it

  • your brand is a message. your brand is communication.
  • your business framework is made up of you, your  product, your target, the marketplace and your brand message.
  • brainstorm. your framework.
  • branding your  newsletter & your list.
  • brainstorm. branding your newsletter.

step 2: PURPOSE –  WHY your list needs your news

  • identify the purpose of your newsletter.
  • choose the type of newsletter that will match your  purpose.
  • clearly communicating your purpose.
  • including incentives.
  • incentive guide | what type of cookie can you offer?
  • brainstorm. purpose.

step 3: CONTENT -  WHAT to share with your list

  • content areas to include.
  • coming up with content ideas.
  • alternative content for your list.
  • fostering engagement
  • brainstorm. content.

step 4: IMPLEMENT  - WHERE to get set up

  • professional email marketing  options (example mailchimp, aweber etc.)
  • a professional email marketing  service offers many benefits
  • setting up your list &  newsletter.
  • brainstorm. implement.

step 5: TARGET -  WHO do you want to sign up

  • existing fans.
  • online.
  • in person.
  • social media.
  • brainstorm. target. 

step 6: PLAN –  WHEN to send your newsletter

  • how often to send.
  • the best day to send.
  • the best time to send.
  • special occasions.
  • brainstorm. planning.

step 7: MEASURE –  WATCH your clicks & opens

  • analytics.
  • qualitative feedback.
  • split-testing.
  • survey.
  • printable | newsletter tracking sheet

start that list!

  • printable | marketing plan | strategy: build a list
  • printable | your little biz framework
  • inspiration board guide | creating a visual plat for your newsletter