build a framework

step-by-step instructions for building a solid framework for your little biz & using it to build effective strategies


your framework is the basis for all of your business activities; it is made up of you, your products, your target, the marketplace and your brand message. if you are not clear about these basic essentials then it can feel really difficult to promote your business successfully, make sales and reach your goals. a solid framework is the starting point you need to build and implement effective strategies for marketing, selling and growing your little biz. you need to get clear about the business you do (your framework) so that you can rock the way you do business (your strategies). 

inside this blueprint...

getting started

  • this is what i want you to do.
  • brainstorming guide | making the most of the blueprint

build a framework

  • there are a few mistakes that little biz builders make:
  • the framework will help you…
  • infographic | build a framework

step 1: you

  • you are the most unique part of your biz.
  • privacy, comfort and appropriate sharing....
  • some tips on adding YOU to your biz:
  • brainstorm. you.

step 2: your target 

  • your target is the exact person who needs and wants and loves what you have to offer.
  • target guide |  visualizing your true target
  • brainstorm. your target. 

step 3: your product

  • your product is the thing you sell. it could be a physical item that you supply, a service that you offer, information that you provide, or any combination of these!
  • brainstorm. your product.
  • benefits guide | what are you really selling? 

step 4: the marketplace 

  • the marketplace refers to all of the stuff outside of your business:  competitor businesses, complementary businesses, objections consumers have for your thing
  • your competition are the businesses that offer similar products/services to yours, particularly to the same target.
  • brainstorm. your competition.
  • complementary businesses offer products that enhance or pair well with your own, or target the same ideal customer as you do, or share a similar brand message to yours.
  • brainstorm. complementary businesses.
  • objections are the fears that customers have about buying your thing.
  • brainstorm. objections. 

step 5: your brand message

  • your brand is the message you send out to the world about your business. branding is communication.
  • brainstorm. your brand message.
  • brand words guide | what is your message?
  • recap. your framework.
  • create strategies
  • break the rest of your business planning into 3 categories: marketing, selling, growth
  • use your framework to guide all of your business strategies.

step 6: marketing

  • marketing is the stuff you do to let people know about the thing you sell.
  • there are a number of strategies you can add to your marketing plan:
  • brainstorm. marketing.
  • printable | marketing plan

step 7: selling

  • selling is the stuff you do to get people to buy your thing.
  • there are a number of strategies you can use to sell your thing:
  • brainstorm. selling.
  • printable | sales plan 

step 8: growth

  • grow your idea into a successful, profitable business.
  • how do you grow your business?
  • types of products you can add to your biz.
  • ways to come up with new product ideas.
  • brainstorm. products.
  • products guide | ideas for adding new services/products/information.
  • pricing, profit & finance is not just about the numbers.
  • your price is part of your brand.
  • further tips to help you with your pricing.
  • brainstorm. pricing.
  • play a bigger game.
  • what do you need to do now to prepare for then?
  • brainstorm. playing a bigger game.
  • printable | growth plan 

that’s it… for now.

  • printable | your framework 
  • inspiration board guide | creating a visual picture of  your biz