build a brand

step-by-step instructions for building a clear, consistent, and professional brand that stands out!


a brand is more than a logo. it is your message and your promise. it allows you to target the right people, and to let them know why they would want your thing. it allows you to stand out in the marketplace and compete in your niche. it allows you to build trust and recognition. even if you already have a business name and a logo you still need to make sure your brand message is clear, professional, consistent and that it is the one you mean to send! your brand message exists in every interaction people have with your biz so you need to shout it loud and clear, with confidence and with passion.

inside this blueprint…

getting started

  • this is what i want you to do.
  • brainstorming guide | making the most of the blueprint
  • brainstorm. getting started.

build a brand

  • you have a brand. you need a brand.
  • a brand is more than a logo.
  • a brand is a message your biz is communicating to the world.
  • but i already started my biz…
  • but i don’t want to put everything on hold…
  • brainstorm. what you have right now.

step 1:  finding your brand

  • give yourself permission to be you.
  • think outside the box.
  • collect inspiration.
  • take a break.
  • your business framework is made up of you, your product, your target, and the marketplace.
  • brainstorm. your framework.
  • brainstorm. your brand message.
  • brand words guide | what is your message?

step 2:  building your brand

  • brand elements are the ways in which you send a message about your biz
  • brand elements must send the same message. this builds recognition and trust.
  • brainstorm. brand elements.
  • business interactions are the places in which you send your brand message.
  • interactions must be consistent. they include both ‘look’ and ‘voice’.
  • brainstorm. business interactions.
  • tips for building your brand.

step 3: naming your business

  • business naming tips.
  • brainstorm. word list.
  • brainstorm. play with words.
  • brainstorm. questions for your biz name.
  • a note about what to do when you already have a name for your business.
  • a note about testing out your name.
  • a note about domain names.
  • a note about registering your business name.
  • a note about trademarks.

step 4: your logo

  • logo components.
  • the business name.
  • icon, font, colour, placement.
  • a note about logo design.
  • brainstorm. thinking about logos.
  • brainstorm. colours.
  • brainstorm. fonts.
  • brainstorm. icons.
  • brainstorm. placement.
  • brainstorm. final design.
  • design guide | what to consider with your logo
  • checklist | logo design

step 5: your tagline

  • your tagline is...
  • brainstorm. your target, their problems, your solutions.
  • brainstorm. putting it all together.
  • turn your statement into your tagline.
  • great tagline examples.
  • checklist: your brand details.

step 6: putting it all together

  • interactions.
  • consistency.
  • tips for implementing a consistent, professional brand.
  • copy.
  • photos/images.
  • websites.
  • blog.
  • facebook.
  • twitter.
  • google+.
  • email.
  • newsletter.
  • print items.
  • ads.
  • your products & prices.
  • you & your workspace.
  • the elevator speech.
  • some examples of the whole brand identity to inspire you.
  • one final note about implementing your brand.
  • checklist |  before you launch

step 7: launch your new brand

  • create buzz, curiosity and excitement about your new brand.

that’s it! you’re done! or are you?

  • now what?
  • printable | your little biz framework
  • vision board guide | creating a visual picture of  your brand