build a blog

step-by-step instructions for building & using a blog as an effective marketing strategy for your little biz 


a blog helps you connect with your reader in a way that a static website does not. it helps you demonstrate your expertise, share your brand message & passion, build trust & loyalty. it is great for your SEO and drives traffic to your ‘shop’. a blog is a low-cost marketing strategy that any little biz can use; you do not need to be a writer, be an expert, or have technological skills, you just need passion for what you do and why you do it. even if you have already started a blog for your little biz, this blueprint will help you make it better!

inside this blueprint…

getting started 

  • this is what i want you to do.
  • brainstorming guide | making the most of the  blueprint 

build a blog 

  • what is a blog?
  • blogging is about communication.
  • why would i give away my expertise  for free?
  • brainstorming. chatting with your customers.

step 1 | BRAND  MESSAGE - HOW to blog it

  • your brand is a message. your brand is communication.
  • your business framework is made up of you, your  product, your target, and the marketplace.
  • brainstorm. your framework.

step 2: PURPOSE –  WHY blog

  • be an example of what it is you have  to offer. live your brand message.
  • a blog is a place to engage with your customers
  • brainstorm. purpose.

step 3: CONTENT -  WHAT to write about

  • tips for building content for your blog.
  • write about.
  • find inspiration.
  • different post  types.
  • key words.
  • doing the writing.
  • resources for writing blog posts:
  • brainstorm. blog topics.

step 4: IMPLEMENT  - WHERE to blog

  • blogging  platforms.
  • blogger - the free blogging platform offered by  google
  • wordpress – the most popular blogging and website  option for online businesses
  • squarespace – a great DIY option that allows you to  start a blog or build a full website
  • which option do i chose?
  • branding your  blog.
  • brainstorm. implement.

step 5: TARGET -  WHO is reading your blog

  • finding readers & getting more traffic.
  • tips to get readers visiting your blog.
  • brainstorm. target.
  • guest posting guide | a plan for submitting &  receiving guest posts
  • finding blogs
  • creating connections
  • writing a pitch
  • guest posting guidelines
  • guest posting etiquitte 

step 6: PLAN –  WHEN to post 

  • creating an editorial calendar
  • brainstorm. blogging calendar.
  • printable | post plan
  • printable | time plan

step 7: MEASURE –  WATCH your blog

  • tracking & measuring your results – what is your  return on investment?
  • what you should be watching:
  • what this information can tell you:

get blogging!

  • they need to love it.
  • you need to love it.
  • ptintable | marketing plan | strategy: build a blog
  • printable | your little biz framework
  • inspiration board guide | creating a visual picture  of your blog