one most awesome customer

one of the things i hear most often from little biz builders is that they would like more “marketing ideas”. and i wonder if it is not that they need new ideas it is just that everything they have been doing so far either feels ineffective, difficult, or maybe even like it has gotten stale.

do you ever feel like you are just saying the same things over and over again about your biz? maybe that you are just saying the same things that everyone else is saying? and maybe like it is all just falling on deaf ears? maybe you feel like you have no idea where to even begin?

i know i do sometimes. i stare at my screen and wonder what the hell i can possibly write that will make some sort of impression on people.

of course, i know who my audience is. we all have a micro business. we are mostly women ut there are some men too. many of us are moms, but not all of us are. we are mostly in our 30s or 40s, but some of us are younger or older. most of us are well into the process of building a biz but some of us are just starting out, and some of us are already wildly successful. most of us are doing it solo but some of us have partners or teams. 

when i think of my audience as being 'little biz builders' it is really really hard to figure out exactly what i need to say. what product to create or recommend. how to sell hat i love offering. which marketing strategy i need to use and how to make it rock.

i cannot possibly come up with a product or a strategy that would resonate with the entire audience of biz builders that might possibly pop into my business.

but when i think of just one most awesome person - my ideal customer - everything feels much easier.

you see, i know exactly what she needs to hear. i know exactly what has her feeling frustrated, so i know what products i need to focus on. i know what will delight her or inspire her or entertain her so i never run out of things to chat with her about.

i have even given her a name, drawn a little sketch with a little speech bubble containing a few key words… she lives beside my laptop now so that when i am doing any work at all on my biz i can picture her clearly and communicate directly with her.

trying to communicate with a huge group of people who would possibly buy my thing feels really hard. i feel like i have to convince them. or convert them. or be some sort of spectacular sales person. oh the pressure!

but if i talk to my one most awesome person, well that is completely different. i know her, i get her, i deeply wish to be of service to her, and when i have something to offer that i know is going to rock her world it feels natural to tell her about it. not because i want to ‘sell’ her on something, but because i am so confident that she will want to know about it… if i didn’t tell her about it i would be cheating her out of something she is genuinely interested in.

it's like phoning your bestie to let her know that her favourite store just got the cute shoes she has been coveting in her favourite colour.

i know it can feel kind of scary to focus on just one ideal customer – you might worry that you are leaving people out or missing out opportunities but the thing is that it is a lot easier to connect with one person, to communicate with one person than it is to be everything to everybody.

and just because you have one awesome person in mind when you are marketing your business doesn’t mean that you are closing the door on everyone else – you will be communicating with all of the people who are a little like your person. she has friends you know!

so give it a try! if you are feeling like you have no idea what to say about your business in any of your marketing efforts, try focusing on just one most awesome person.

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