here's a little trick to help you deal with change in your biz

in the 6 months or so, since doing the lucky bitch money bootcamp, i have been exploring all of these new aspects to building a biz that i previously had not thought a lot about. for instance:

  • my personal mindsets and how they affect my ability to earn and be successful
  • the power of manifesting and the power of the messages we send to the universe
  • the concept of abundance and the effect of a scarcity mindset

and one of the tools that denise shares that i really love is the “upgrade”

she shares an exercise for making upgrades in your life as a way to start adjusting your money mindset and also to send a message to the universe about your own worth - and i have to say upgrading my wardrobe has been an awesome experience! especially the pjs - i spend so much time in my pjs it feels awesome to have nice ones for once!

and now i find myself upgrading all kinds of aspects of my life. upgrading my thoughts, my mindsets, my personal sense of value, and yes… even my business.

i have decided that my business is a lot like my closet.

i used to find change hard to deal with. i would sometimes know what i wanted to do, or be aware of something i should be doing, but i has so much fear around it.

for instance: charging more. trying a new marketing strategy. dumping an old product. creating a new product. outsourcing . updating my brand or website. putting myself forward as a speaker.

yes all of that can be hard work and include a lot of items on the to do list. but a lot of what gets us stuck or leads us to procrastinate is fear.

but if you think of your biz as simply going through your closet, you can make it all feel a lot more doable.

think about your closet:

  • some stuff is old and daggy. like seriously, why exactly do you have it still? it barely fits, it’s ineffective, it makes you feels kinda lame – time to trash it
  • some stuff is old and still comfortable but deep down you know it is not doing you any favours any more – it is just time to let it go
  • some stuff is familiar and comfortable and just makes you feel good. even though it might be a little *old* it still has a place in your wardrobe – you aren’t giving it up yet
  • some stuff still looks and fits pretty good but no matter how many times you have a look at it you are just not into it -  it is not who you want to be any more
  • some stuff you are hanging onto for “one day”. maybe you had it for a special occasion and you are keeping it just in case, maybe you got it thinking you would need it but you know you never will – it’s time to declutter and let go of the stuff that is weighing you down
  • some stuff is still workable. you might need to make an adjustment, an alteration, or pair it with something new, but it still fits, and you still like it – it just needs an update
  • some stuff is absolutely perfect. you love it, it makes you feel good, it works for you, you feel awesome and confident – it rocks
  • some stuff is a bit out of your comfort zone. you like it, that’s why you got it, but you haven’t really used it yet. it’s going to require a sort of confidence to pull it off, but deep down you really really want to give it a whirl - it’s time to grow some balls and just go for it

now look at the things you are doing with your business.

take one strategy, one product or service, one marketing or sales tool, one process, one mindset, or one component of your business. picture it there on your closet shelf.

  • what sort of item is it?
  • does it still have a place in your closet?
  • is it time to upgrade?

upgrades don’t have to be huge. change doesn’t have to be super scary. just take one thing and give it an upgrade. take one thing out and replace it with something that rocks.

ever since i started thinking about upgrades i find myself changing the way i think about things. i no longer feel so attached to every single aspect of my business – yes it worked before, but now it is simply time for an upgrade.

and it feels a lot less scary or overwhelming. just as you can simply remove something from your closet and replace it with something more suitable, you can do that for your biz too. it is merely making one of those upgrades that we all have to periodically do.

i am also taking notice of some of my self-limiting thoughts and realizing that i can upgrade those too – “i can’t charge that much?” becomes “actually yes i can. i can make an upgrade.”

and i feel like every time i do make an upgrade i am sending a pretty strong message about my own value, the value of the work i do, and the value of my customers (they deserve for my business to be full of stuff that rocks, not daggy old tired stuff that needs to go!)

try it. upgrade something in your business *closet* today.

thanks to my friend christy for inspiring this analogy. i love that we can chat about teaching and biz and life and solve all the world's problems over one weekend!