you are the special

last week i wrote about how the movie frozen was infiltrating my business thoughts.

this week it is the lego movie!

(i might need to get a life. what can i say? i hang out with a 2 year old all day.)

i was actually kind of blown away by how meaningful the lego movie is.

emmet is an ordinary construction worker, prophesized to be "the most talented, most interesting, most extraordinary person in the universe... the special" and tasked to save the world. he doesn't feel particularly special, but as he follows his journey he starts to believe in himself and eventually realizes the we are all actually the special.

most of the parents in the theater were probably watching thinking "i want my kids to know that they too are the special."

i walked away thinking i want every woman in biz who is struggling to believe in her own magic, struggling to figure out who she is in this world, struggling to feel worthy instead of less than, struggling to overcome her fears and live her dream... to know that she is the special.

this is how the universe sees us. each of us has something remarkable to offer the world. each of us is following our soul journey, with great success lying just ahead of us. we just need to believe it.

and if i happen to go around singing "everything is awesome" to myself all day long, well it can't hurt can it? 

"everything is awesome when you're living your dream."

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