what would she do?

last month i shared a little acronym called JFDI to help when you keep procrastinating or avoiding something that you really need to just get on with already.

but what happens if you can’t JFDI because you really can’t make a decision on what it is you need to be doing, or you just have no idea what the heck to do next, or maybe you feel torn between some of the different advice you have read, or perhaps you just need some inspiration!

i have another acronym for you… WWSD.

what would she do?

but it actually works best if you identify the SHE. (or HE even!)

think of the area you are feeling stuck in. and then think of a person you really admire... someone who really kicks ass.

  • not sure how to inject some personality into your brand – to amplify your online presence or be more memorable? who do YOU think does that really well?
  • feeling like it is time to play a bigger game – maybe charge more for your services, start outsourcing, or build a team? who is a biz owner that you admire for these things?
  • wanting to raise your profile – perhaps get some media attention, speak at live events, or win an award? who is rocking it in these areas?
  • need to get more confident about marketing & sales? who is your go to person for advice and info on this?
  • do you just want to have a stronger business mindset – act more like a CEO and less like a hobbyist? who is the biz owner that is the epitome of success, in your mind?

(this will even work for life stuff too – if you are trying to get fit, change your diet, express your creativity, save money, get organized, or whatever!)

pick a person that is just an absolute 10/10 in your eyes, the ultimate in this area. now insert their name into the acronym. for example:

  • WWOD (what would oprah do?)
  • WWRD (what would richard branson do?)

when you are feeling stuck, you need to ask yourself this… what would that person do? and there is your answer.

so here is my example…

i have recently been struggling over accounting and bookkeeping and tax stuff. this is NOT a strength for me, and it just leaves me feeling like i should hide in my bed for the day. but when i first looked into outsourcing this aspect of biz i balked at the cost. my automatic mindset is that it is easier and cheaper for me to just DIY, always thinking that i can’t afford (or do not deserve?) to spend money on something i can just do myself.

i am working on all of this money stuff thanks to denise duffield-thomas’s money bootcamp and i just love everything about denise’s advice and the way she models it all herself. she is my go to person when it comes to changing my mindset, especially when it comes to money and valuing myself.

so i asked myself, what would denise do? WWDD?

she would say “it’s my time and i am ready for the next step.” she would also say that “it’s time to upgrade.” and i think she would probably have something wise to say about the fact that while i was DIYing my accounts and doing an absolute hack job of it i was sending a pretty strong message to the universe about money. 

WWDD? she would hire a freaking bookkeeper.

so i repeated that in my head for a few days - “i am ready for the next step” - and then i hired a bookkeeper! and i have to tell you that the moment i heard back from my new knight in shining armor (errrrrr i mean bookkeeper) i have felt like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

incidentally, i also use this mantra when i get stressed out. we tease my mom (leanne) with this acronym - the joke is WWLD? because the answer is always “have a beer”! but you know what? this actually really works to help me just chill out about stuff.

WWLD? have a beer.

sit back, take some time to meet up with a friend, or go enjoy the beach, or just chill in the back yard. have a beer. the rest of it can wait.

try it! pick a person. ask “what would she do?” and see how you go. then let me know! i would love to hear from you!

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