WHY you need an ideal customer & HOW to figure out who she is

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ideal client. target audience. right people. true fan. 

there are a lot of names used for this concept, but whatever you want to call that person, you ought to know who they are and what they mean to your biz.

your ideal client is a very important part of your business framework, your brand, your marketing plans and your sales methods.

the tricky part for biz owners seems to be really focusing on who that ideal customer is.

i chat with little biz builders everyday and it is very common for me to get the following answer when i ask them to describe their ideal customer: “mum’s, grandmas, aunties, nannies, any woman really from age 19-79.”

okaaaaaay… well we’ve narrowed it down to women, so that’s a start. but it is not enough!

many little biz builders are afraid of narrowing their focus down too much, afraid that if they do they will lose potential customers. they want to appeal to anyone who might buy their thing. 

but here is the thing: just because someone might buy your thing, doesn't mean they will. 

plus, having a clear and specific target will help your brand become strong and memorable, and it will help you come up with successful sales and marketing strategies.  

imagine this…

you walk into a huge room full of women. maybe you are at a market, maybe you are at a conference, maybe you just found an awesome place to hang out! if you have a product to sell, if you have a business to market, where do you begin?

do you just stand there shouting to the whole room at large? and what could you possibly say to let them all know why they all would love your thing? 

you probably couldn't. any message you could come up with to appeal to ALL of the women would probably actually appeal to NONE. that's the thing with a diluted, really general statement about your biz. it's bland. it's unremearkable. it doesn't resonate.

now what if, in that room, there were some obvious smaller groupings of women that you could mingle with. who would you spend your time talking to? where would your effort be best spent?

and what would you say to them? to that specific little group of women. something that would show you get their needs. that your product is right for them.

doesn't that feel so much easier? imagining talking to a certain person about their certain needs? 

notice how there are two steps to this excercise:

  • figure out who to talk to - your target
  • figure out what to say to them - marketing

a lot of people ask me "how do i market my business". and i usually discover that those people don't have a solid idea of their target. and that makes marketing really difficult.

if you don't know who is the right person to buy your thing, how do you find them? how do you know what to tell them? how do you know how to make it easy for them to buy from you?

when you are really clear about your target, and really clear about why your thing is perfect for them, then it gets a lot easier to come up with marketing strategies. and it actually makes doing the marketing a lot easier.

marketing feels easy when you know you are just telling the right people about something you know they will love. 

remember, it is a lot easier to sell something to someone who wants it. (click here to tweet that!)

have a look at the marketing you do now - the things you say about what it is you sell.

look at your about me page and your product descriptions and your newsletters. would those statements be easily identifiable as being from your biz? or could they come from any similar biz? and would any visitor to your biz know who you are talking to? or are you trying to appeal to 'everyone'?

your biz needs a clear target. and a strong message. just saying'

do you need some help figuring out who your ideal customer is? do you need help figuring what it is about your product that they would really need and want? 

your biz framework is made up of YOU, your TARGET, your PRODUCT (it's benefits & point of difference), the MARKETPLACE (what is happening in your niche already) and your BRAND MESSAGE. if you are not 100% clear on these things marketing, selling, and growing is really, really hard.

the blueprints to build a framework will help. click here to read about this workbook and see a sample before you buy. the blueprints are full of excercises and brainstorming prompts like this one, so that you can get clear about your biz.

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