why one?

one of the things i have noticed about biz builders is that we have a really hard time honing in on our target market.  i will often hear an answer like this one when i ask the “who is your ideal client” question…

“oh you know, moms. any age really. well actually grandmothers too. even aunties? or babysitters! so i guess all women.”

instead of narrowing down to a distinct and identifiable audience, we get nervous and often make the audience bigger and bigger! i think it is because we are afraid of leaving anyone out or leaving money on the table.

well imagine the reaction when i ask clients to identify their one most awesome customer.

“i can’t possibly pick and describe ONE customer! i get males & females. ages 20-50. married & single. there is no way i can narrow it to ONE!”

why one? why do i encourage you to hone in on ONE most awesome customer?

i describe it in this post: one most awesome customer

go on, have a read. we can wait a minute.

the gist is this. marketing is communication. marketing is hard when you don’t know what to say (or you feel really weird saying it).

identifying one most awesome customer gives you someone to communicate to, which makes it a lot easier to know what to say, plus you feel a lot more authentic doing it.

what can you do once you have your one most awesome customer?

  • you can write your newsletter as though it is an email just to her
  • you can write a blog post that would help her with something that has her feeling stuck
  • you can come up with a new product or service that you know she would fall in love with
  • you can ask her a question on your facebook page
  • you can create a whole folder full of pins on pinterest that would rock her world
  • you can tweet an article that you know would entertain her
  • you can write a headline for your new promotional flyer that would catch her attention
  • you can advertise on a blog that you know she visits every day without fail
  • you can peek at her to do list and find a way to help her with one task

your one most awesome customer is a real person, with real feelings, real worries, real interests, and a real life. talking to her feels genuine, natural… authentic. 

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(and by the way, you might need more than one most awesome customer. if you serve both men and women with different products you might need a most awesome man and a most awesome women. you might even have a most awesome family! you can talk to any one of your most awesome customers each time you engage in a marketing task.)

i know that narrowing down your target audience is hard. and i know that honing in on one most awesome customer is even harder.

but it is worth it. every person i help with this exercise finds marketing activities to be so much easier! i promise.

more on customer love:

the customer love workshop not only helps you identify one most awesome customer, it helps you to understand her deeply, and then we go even further to come up with marketing ideas and customer service ideas that will resonate with her. this is so much more than an “ideal customer” exercise. this is a huge part of the framework of your business so we dig deep and take action! join us!