why bother?

“why bother? someone else is already doing this (and they are way better than me!)”
"no one is going to want this or care about this or read this or try this!"
"i am not expert enough / good enough / trained enough / professional enough / popular enough / __________ enough"

have you ever said one of these statements to yourself?

have you ever let one of these thoughts hold you back from doing something you want to do, trying something new, or going ahead with a plan?

if you have, you are not alone.

the “why bother” fear is one of my “go to” responses whenever things get a little scary. and it used to get me stuck all of the time.

stuck like… give up, run away, stop trying, ignore my gut feeling to just go for it, hide in bed kind of stuck.

and then i remembered something that i read a long time ago when i was first starting my little biz, and one day, for the first time, it really clicked.

i know from your emails, and from our interaction on social media, that this is one of your fears too, so i hope this clicks for you too....


you look at what other people are doing in your niche, or in business in general, as being the ultimate 10/10. yes, you may feel like a 7/10 or a 5/10 (or whatever) BUT your people – your most awesome customers who absolutely love everything you do – see YOU as the 10/10.

maybe they don’t know about those other people. (you live, eat, breath everything in your niche, so you are likely aware of a whole lot more that is happening in your niche!)

maybe those other people are just not RIGHT for them. (they could be intimidating, or confusing, or too expensive, or too cheap, or too serious or too woo woo, or whatever!)

either way it does not matter – YOU are the one they look to, you are the one they are loyal to, you are the one who gets them, YOU are just right.

to them, YOU are the 10/10.

and holding back on offering that product or service or expertise, stopping yourself from blogging or newslettering or instagraming (or whatever it is), just because someone else is already doing it… means that you are withholding something of value to YOUR right people.

they need YOU. they want YOU.

you have a unique combination of style, personality, talent, expertise, understanding, creativity, passion, promise, care, enthusiasm, and flair that is just right for them.

YOU are their 10/10.

so picture your one most awesome customer in your mind. write to her. share with her. connect with her. find out what she really really needs or desires. create that new product just for her.

she thinks you are a 10/10. she doesn’t give a rat’s ass that someone else is already doing it. she needs YOU to do it.

(and just remember this.... that person who YOU see as the 10/10, she probably thinks of herself as a 7! she has her own 10/10 to worry about you know? deep down we are all the same! keep your eyes focused on your most awesome customer, and let everyone else worry about theirs. ok?)

you are someone’s 10/10.

that’s why you bother. for THEM.

(and for you too! your dreams are worth it.)

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