who wrote that rule?

think about something you have been meaning to do for your biz, something that you know would help you market, grow, or sell… something that seems like a great idea but that you just. keep. procrastinating.

have you got that thing in mind? what is holding you back? why aren’t you keen to give it a go?

  • i’d like to try blogging but i am not much of a writer
  • i’d like to start instagram but i have no products to photograph
  • i’d like to build an email list but i don’t want to email people every week
  • i’d like to try out pinterest but my biz isn’t very visual
  • i’d like to do a webinar but it seems so complicated
  • i’d like to create an ecourse but it won’t work for sharing my kind of expertise
  • i’d like to write an ebook but it has all been done before
  • i’d like to speak at a conference but there aren’t any good ones near me

any of this sound familiar? (these are all conversations i have had with people recently by the way, so just know that you are not the only one with the “buts”)

recently, i was having a conversation about life and biz with my awesome friend linda chaousis. she said to me something that i have repeated in my head over and over ever since...

“who wrote that rule?”

try saying it to yourself, it changes everything.

  • who says a blog has to be full of 1000 word articles. blog photos or videos or podcasts or music or checklists or sketches instead.
  • who says you have to have a product biz to use pinterest or instagram? take before and after shots. take photos that represent your inspiration. take photos that symbolize your brand message.
  • who says you have to blog once a day or email once a week or post to facebook 6 times a day for every time zone? do what works!
  • who says your course or book or workshop or whatever has to be the same as what everyone else is doing? do a live course. create a magazine. do a Q & A on your facebook page.
  • who says you have to wait for the *right* opportunity in your area. find one online. create one yourself.  look outside your niche.

sometimes the stuff that seems like a good idea for our biz completely fizzles out. or maybe we don’t even try it in the first place.

if it doesn’t jive with your abilities or time, if it doesn’t really fit well with your brand or the way you do biz, if it doesn’t resonate with your audience… it could be that you have to turn that idea on its head and make it fit for you.

break the rules. or just completely ignore them! really, who wrote that rule anyways? who says?

think about that one thing you had in mind at the start of this post. now let go of the so called rules you have in mind about doing that thing.

do it your way. make it work for your biz. make it work in a way that is sustainable for you.

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