who says?

i’ve just come home from an amazing lighthouse live one day retreat with 10 inspiring women in biz.

a big theme that emerged throughout the day was this…

who says?

(and in my head it is actually “who the fuck says?” because i like to swear, it makes it feel that little bit more powerful in my brain! but if you prefer you can just say “who says?”… that’s cool.)

who says you have to have some textbook definition of balance. it’s your life, you define it… you decide what feels balanced to you!

who says you have to write a sales page based on some guy’s perfect formula? if you want to write a love letter to your customer instead… do it!

who says you have to have a brand in a place and a solid product idea planned out in order to start blogging and connecting to people? you can blog AND connect AND build your biz as you go.

who says you have to delegate and outsource everything that is not in your zone of genius? if you like working on all of those aspects of your biz, go for it!

who says your business plan has to be done a certain way or look a certain way? it’s your biz, do your planning and dreaming in the way that works for you.

who says your blog or newsletter or social media or whatever has to be done the way everyone else is doing it? make it work for your style. make it fun and doable.

who says you need a webinar or ecourse or mastermind whatever other buzzword is going around right now? do the thing that you really want to do and call it something that feels right.

who says you need a piece of paper or some title or specific training in order to do the work you feel called to do? if you’ve got something to share with the world, share it!

who says you have to be logical or intuitive, strategic or organic, a hustler or a woo-woo… or whatever else seems to be the norm in your niche? you don’t have to be just one thing. just be you.

who says you are TOO much of one thing, or NOT enough of another thing? you are not broken. you don’t need to be fixed. it just is. you just are.

who says…

(i am sure you can come up with more!)

look, i’m not saying there isn’t some great advice out there. i try to give some of it myself! there are all sorts of research-based and evidence-based strategies out there which you can learn from.

what i am saying is if you can’t move ahead because the advice you are following feels impossible to follow, isn’t it better to just do it your way and actually do it?

and if you’re beating yourself up because of an unhelpful voice in your head saying “you should” or “you can’t”, wouldn’t it be wonderful to put that voice in its place and move on?

if there is something weighing you down right now, try asking “who the fuck says?”

you might be surprised that what *they* say isn’t really all that helpful to you.

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PS WTFS is the perfect complementary mantra to JFDI. go check that one out too… it’s a good one to post right beside your desk!