who do you think you are?

last week i celebrated this blog’s third birthday, and shared some of the evolution of my biz and how i got to the place i am now. as i mentioned, this blog started as a little thing on the side, as i was building my photography business. before that i was a middle school teacher! because i am a teacher i am a learner: i am used to tackling a subject, studying and researching and trying things out… so that is how i approached the whole starting your own business thing: as a new subject that i had to master. 

then last year i was at a crossroads. i was trying to find my spark, figure out what i really wanted to do, and make some decisions about my biz. i was struggling because nothing really felt right, i felt stuck and a little lost.

then i remembered a conversation i had when i first started this blog. i was chatting with my ‘other’ dad (my best friend’s dad, who is an incredible teacher and someone i admire immensely) trying to explain to him what my new “build a little biz” blog was all about. i was stumbling with my words, downplaying the work i was doing since it was just a little ‘thing on the side’. he interrupted me and said “of course you are doing that. you are a teacher. it’s in your blood. you can’t help but want to teach others.”

and i remember so clearly at the time feeling like a piece of my puzzle just popped into place. i felt like my whole body relaxed and i stood a little prouder.

i am a teacher. it is my calling. it is what i do. once i embraced that again, remembered a huge piece of my spark that i was missing, everything else began to click into place. my confidence grew. i had a clear vision for my business. i felt authentic and genuine. i could very easily talk my face off about the stuff i loved to do.

but first i had to embrace who i was. i had to put the right words down on paper.

i am a teacher. i am a creative. i am a brainstormer. i am an unstucktor.

our words have power.

in the past we have talked about the word affordable – and how affordable is relative and so therefore may not be the most effective message from your brand. we have also talked about the word unique – and how your bit of brand uniqueness may not actually be that unique.

the words you choose to use as part of your business and brand have power. as mentioned above, they can help you stand out from other businesses in your niche. they can send a strong message about your biz directly to your most awesome customers.

but they can also help you to feel confident and authentic, to get past whatever thing has you feeling stuck, or to change your own mindset about your business.

you need to own it to sell it.

so if you are struggling with the vision you have for your business. if you are struggling to sell yourself or your biz. if you are struggling to market yourself because it feels icky. if you feel a lack of confidence or authenticity… it could be that you are not choosing the right words to describe what you do. (particularly if you are using titles, descriptors, or models that you see other people use, rather than because they are the right fit for you.)

think about it. who do YOU think you are?

  • if you DO things or offer a service, are you… a specialist. a connector. a manager. a coordinator. a facilitator.
  • if you SHARE things or provide expertise, are you… a guide. a trainer. a strategist. an explorer. a coach.
  • if you MAKE things or create a product, are you… an artisan. a fabricator. a designer. a creator. an inventor.
  • if you SOURCE things or sell a product, are you… a curator. an enthusiast. a proponent. an influencer. a collector.

can you see how all of these difference words have a different feel, a different message?

YOU have something amazing to offer. you just need to put a word to it! and who you think you are sends an awfully huge message to the universe.

you might not FEEL 100% like a CEO but if you start calling yourself that, if you start thinking like one, then it won’t be long before the universe gives you what manifest. who YOU think you are is who the world thinks you are too.

if you are having a hard time finding the right titles or descriptors for yourself, try searching for terms in wildly unrelated niches. are you a magician? a super hero? a junkie?

and if you still cannot find the right words to define who you are and what you do, make up your own! unstucktor is not a real word, i totally made that one up to describe what i do, and it works for me.

i am learning from my friend linda, who is a manifestor extraordinaire and is coaching me as i work on my biz vision, that a statement starting with “i am…” is one of the most powerful statements you can make to the universe.

so, who do YOU think you are?

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