where is your spark?

i bet that most of us started our business because we had a product or service we wanted to offer. we believed that people needed or wanted or loved what we had and so we started selling it. simple, right?

but then we started worrying about SEO, and strategy, and traffic, and business plans, and marketing calendars, and profit margins, and systems, and…. well just have a look at your to do list. i bet it is full of stuff that i can add to my list here.

don’t get me wrong – i am not saying that stuff isn’t important. it IS. if you want a successful, professional, profitable business there is indeed a lot of work that needs to be done. there are a lot of things to consider and there are best practices that will help you achieve your goals.

but doesn’t it feel sometimes like those tasks just suck the life out of you?

i know this happens to me, and i hear from my clients things like:

i liked blogging at first but then got bogged down worrying about key words and calls to action and i don’t know what to write any more
i loved putting together and sending my newsletter but now i am trying to make it more professional and i feel stuck all of a sudden
i want to connect with my fans on facebook but i have no idea what to post, everything feels really salesy and yucky
i need to write a business plan but i have no idea what to write for my mission, my targets, my processes… sigh.

does any of this feel familiar? 

i think what happens is that somewhere along the way, we lose our spark. the excitement we have for our business goals slowly wanes and everything can start to feel like it is difficult, frustrating, boring, or worse…. not worth it.

again, i am not saying that the ‘boring’ or ‘hard’ stuff doesn’t need to be done. it does. but if we lose the joy we have for our business than it is really hard to get it done. there is nothing rewarding about working on something if it sucks the life out of you.

can you find your spark? 

your spark is there in the excitement you had for offering your thing in the first place. it is your ‘why’ – the deep down reason you do what you do, and why people love it. it is the thing that keeps you up at night or hoping out of bed in the morning. it is in the work that you cannot wait to get to. it is the stuff that you cannot stop yourself from going on and on about when someone asks you about your business. it is the thing you stand for. or want to be known for. or that makes your business different from others. it is the thing you can hang your hat on. it is your own ‘special sauce’.

whether you want to call it your ‘why’ or your ‘special sauce’ or your own unique 'awesomeness' ...you need to find that SPARK. and you need to hang on to it tightly.

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building a business is really hard. but if you can keep your spark it will feel a lot easier. more fun too. here’s why.

if you can hone in on your spark or have something to hang your hat on... then you have something that you can talk to customers about. if you can talk to customers then you are marketing. and if you are genuinely excited about your biz, if you deeply believe in sharing your spark and being of service, then marketing will be authentic and fun.

people don’t buy what you do. they buy why you do it.

which is what simon sinek says in this fantastic TED talk. hang on, i need to go watch this for the zillionth time. you go watch it too… 

i know that it is not always easy to find your why, to hone in on your spark, or figure out your special sauce. and when you do find it, it is not always easy to figure out what to do next. (this is why i do one-on-one brainstorming with biz builders – it can be easier if you have someone with fresh eyes help you put the pieces together.)

but i hope you try. give yourself some ‘white space’ to get back your spark. take a break from your ‘to do’ and ‘should do’ lists, and get back to the heart of your work, the why of what you do.

what questions do you have about finding your spark? honing in on your why? do you have any comments to add? i would love to hear from you!