where is the love?

a few months ago i wrote a series about “customer love” – about gaining real understanding, forming authentic connections, and being of genuine service… because your customers are the heart of your business!

and the most common question i received in my inbox, on this blog, and over on the facebook page was…

what do you do when you are just not “feeling the love”?

what do you do when you give everything you have and customers still try to take advantage of you?

what do you do when you when customers complain or find fault or have issues with your business?

i know how hard it is to deal with customer drama (either they aren’t feeling the love for you, or you aren’t for them.)

i think we all have had to deal with this at some point.

but i think even these toughest situations are a chance to add customer love to your business… i see even the biggest dramas as opportunities.

so what do you do when you aren’t feeling the love?

ask yourself – what can i learn from this? how can i use this issue to make my business even better? what can i do now to ensure that when the next customer comes along i will be feeling the love?

do i need…

  • systems to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
  • detailed faq’s to make things clear to customers even from first interaction
  • terms & conditions to deal with issues even before they happen
  • updated return or refund policy
  • pre-written templates/responses so that every customer gets the same ‘party line’ and you know how you will respond even before the request has occurred
  • an exit strategy for when a customer is not the right fit for either of you
  • clarity around your most awesome customer so you start attracting customers who are the right fit and can easily recommend other businesses to those who are not

i don’t think the customer is always right. but i do think that you can learn something from every customer. even if what they are asking for is unreasonable, if they are clearly just never going to be happy with what you do, and if there is no way you even want to continue your interaction… i believe there is some lesson there, something you can do now to ensure you don’t have to deal with that again. (or if you do it will be much easier and less upsetting!)


so the next time you are wondering… where is the love?

take a deep breath, and accept the opportunity in front of you. what can you learn from this?

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