what is holding you back from starting an email list?

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do you have these questions?

“How can I turn website traffic into paying customers?”

“How can I turn ‘likes’ into sales?”

“How can I engage with fans if my posts never show up in their newsfeeds?”

“How can I promote my business without feeling spammy?”

“How can I find a great, low cost, marketing strategy?”

well one answer is to start building a list of people who want to hear from you about your business. whether you call it an email list, a mailing list, a subscriber list, a VIP list, or a newsletter subscription, the idea is the same: you create a list, you ask people to join it, you send them regular emails about your business.

i have already written a lot about why a newsletter or email list can help you with your business, so i am not going to rehash all of those reasons now. please read through the articles linked at the bottom if you want to find out more about WHY i believe this is a great strategy.

what i want to focus on here is the HOW. because i know that a lot of you are saying, “yes, this makes sense! i should do this!” but i know you all have a zillion things on that to-do list. and i know that something like this, which feels like it is going to take some time to figure out, is an item that is going to get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

so what i would like to do is do all of the hard work for you. i want to get everything set up for you so that all you have to do is share you link and ask people to subscribe.

now the biggest question you probably have is “but i don’t know what i would send to them!” that is ok, i have included an ebook to help you with that concern. the key right now is to just get started. start building that list of people who want to hear more from you.

ask yourself this: if facebook deleted your page tomorrow, or you never showed up in another newsfeed again, would you have some way of contacting all of your fans? if you got new visitors to your website would you have some way staying on their radar? if you had people stop to browse at your market stall would you have some way of getting in touch with them again?

if your answer is NO then an email list is one way to solve those problems. i want to help you get it started.

the “start building your list now!” package includes:

  • a mailchimp email listmailchimp is free up to 2000 subscribers and is an easy to use platform to collect your email addresses and send out emails to your subscribers
  • a banner image – i will use your logo to create the correct size banner image for your forms & emails
  • a branded sign up form – i will set up your subscription form with the fields you wish to collect, install your banner image, and customize the form with your brand colours
  • a branded email template – i will set up a simple email template with your banner image, brand colours, and any social media links you wish. all you have to do is enter your content and click send.
  • a facebook tab to collect emails – i will install the mailchimp facebook tab on your page and add a tab image with a clear call to action so you can start collecting email address of your fans right away
  • mailchip instructions – i will send you a pdf of instructions so that you know how to use mailchimp, how to send your newsletter/email, and how to edit your template or forms down the road if you need to
  • the blueprints to build a newsletter – i will also send you a FREE copy of this workbook ($33 value) so that you can learn more about email marketing and explore what kind of newsletter to send, what type of content to include, how to encourage people to sign up, and how to make your newsletter be so awesome people will be excited to see it in their inbox

you will have everything set up for you so that you can start collecting email addresses right away.

you will save time and avoid frustration figuring out how to use a new platform.

you will have the information you need in one handy step-by-step guide to make your newsletter awesome.  

the “start building your list now!” package has an introductory price of $75 for the first 10 people to book in. click the buy now button and i will reply with the information i need to get started.

UPDATE - introductory packages are sold out be sure to sign up for the toolbox to be informed of when this offer is open again.


*if you already have the build a newsletter blueprints you can choose any other ebook as a replacement

*the package does not include helping you work out a purpose for your newsletter, create content for your newsletter, or create an incentive to entice people to join your list. i can help you with these things and am happy to negotiate a fee for that additional service.

*i will only be setting up email lists using mailchimp. do have a look at their platform, service & terms, and feel free to compare with other applications before deciding.

*the package does not include designing your logo or helping you with your branding. if you do not have a logo yet we can come up with a simple header for your newsletter (which you can switch when you do invest in professional branding)

not sure why you need an email list? here is some further reading on using newsletters/list building as a marketing strategy for your biz:

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