what does it mean to shine?

imagine your business as a lighthouse in amongst all the others, shining a beacon brightly. what would that look like?

you would naturally stand out – with an identifiable point of difference and a clear brand message

you would attract people – those who need and want exactly what you have to offer

you would stand proudly – sharing what you do with confidence, enthusiasm, and authenticity

can you picture it? you might not feel like your business is there yet, but i would bet that you can identify other little businesses that shine. what does that look like? what sets them apart from you?

many of us treat our business as if it just about our product alone. we spend our time searching for the best strategies to promote & sell our thing, often to anyone who will buy.

but the difference between that and what those ‘shiny’ business are doing, is that they have found their spark. they are not merely implementing strategies… there is a confidence there. a deeper understanding of who they serve and why. a deeper understanding of the value of what they offer. they have their own secret sauce and they are rocking it.

it is the difference between building a business. and building something bigger, something we truly believe in.

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we could copy everything they do but we would still likely feel frustrated by our efforts. we would still feel icky about sales & marketing. we would still be struggling to find new strategies that would work.

because we cannot copy someone’s spark.

my new tagline says ‘build a little biz. make it shine.’ the reason that this is my mission is because i believe that when we truly shine we…

  • stand out from the competition
  • connect with our right people
  • cannot be copied
  • are a part of something bigger than the product we sell
  • are motivated by more than profit
  • add new products/services to our business seamlessly
  • enjoy marketing and sales
  • genuinely wish to serve and help others
  • value ourselves and what we have to offer the world
  • have FUN working on and in our business
  • feel authentic and natural communicating about what we do

sounds awesome right? how can you SHINE with your little biz?

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