what do you still wish to do in 2014?

i just had this tiny moment of complete panic.

i looked at my calendar and it’s September 15th.

how did that happen?

i’ve got it marked in my calendar that from dec 15th we will be on a break for christmas (and summer vacation here in australia.) 

that means there are just 3 months left of “work” for 2014.  

three. months. left.

how did that happen?

i still feel like there is so much i want to do this year, so much i haven’t accomplished yet!

try this:

  1. have a look back at your biz plans from the start of the year.
  2. how are things going? what’s happened in your biz since then? what plans have evolved?
  3. make a list of everything you have accomplished, achieved, and rocked so far in 2014. 
  4. celebrate!
  5. make a list of what you still want to achieve in 2014.
  6. make a list of what will wait until 2015… or any new ideas you have for 2015. it’s good to get that stuff out of your brain and on to the page so you can focus on the rest of 2014. 
  7. go back to the list for the rest of this year. what is ONE WORD that will help you focus for the last 3 (or so) months of 2014. one word that will carry you till the end.
  8. post it somewhere prominent! 

what’s your word for the rest of the year? i will share mine over on instagram.

what do you need in order to finish of that list? if support & accountability, plus a place to share ideas and get some feedback, would be helpful to you, consider doing a trial membership of the building site – an online mastermind group for women in biz. click here.