what do you stand for? what is your business ethos?

i have been asked by readers a few times "how can i get friends & family & fans to buy from my little biz?" and i really understand that frustration. people say they support you and love what you do, but then head on down to the nearest big brand store and buy from them instead.

and there is a whole lot that goes into turning fans into customers; such as targeting the right people, setting the right price, demonstrating the benefits of what you do, addressing objections... and more.

but even as you work to figure those things out, there is something simple you can do right now. and that is to stand for something... to have an ethos that drives you, something you can get passionate about and encourage others to adopt as well.

so here is my suggestion for us all:

  • don't just sell a product, sell your passion.
  • don't just promote what you do, promote whatever it is you stand for.
  • don't just spread the word about your biz, spread the word about your mission.

there are three reasons why i think this will help you build your little biz

  1. it is easier to sell something that is bigger than the products we sell. (ie instead of asking your family member to buy your handmade items, you can teach them about why handmade is the way to go. you can be on a handmade 'mission' and sell that to them. convert their thinking!)
  2. if we want others to value what we do we must first value it ourselves. and i know that can be hard for us. so tapping into the bigger ethos (to buy local, or buy handmade, or buy green) is a way that you can start to value what it is you really offer.
  3. if you are going to talk the talk, you've gotta walk the walk. you cannot expect others to buy from your little biz if you don't buy from others. (i wrote about that whole concept here so please have a read if you haven't yet.) supporting other little businesses with the same ethos as yours, demonstrates integrity and raises your business to a new level.

what can you stand for? how about businesses that are:

  • little
  • local
  • ethical
  • handmade products
  • run by women
  • run by mums
  • run from home
  • independent or "indie"
  • green or eco-friendly
  • give back by supporting a charity or a cause

i have created these graphics to make it easy to tell our fans what we stand for and promote what we do at the same time. there are 10 to choose from, so pick one or two that really represent what it is you are passionate about, because that is what you need to be able to go on and on about to others.

you can right click & save these images or go here to download printable files. please post them on your website, share them on facebook, tweet them, pin them, print them & hand them out. perhaps include suggestions for complementary businesses that have a similar ethos - or ask your fans to share their favorites with you. 

love a little biz web.jpg
love a handmade biz web.jpg
love a green biz web.jpg
love a local biz web.jpg
love an ethical biz web.jpg
love an indie biz web.jpg
love a mum run biz web.jpg
love a woman in biz web.jpg
love a home biz web.jpg
love a biz that gives back web.jpg
love a market stall web.jpg
love a blog web.jpg
love a little biz on facebook.jpg
love a small biz.jpg
love an australian biz web.jpg
love a canadian biz web.jpg

don't just sell your products, sell your passion. stand for something. (click here to tweet that and help me spread the word.)

note: have i missed the thing that you stand for? let me know and i will add it. also, because this site is international i have not made country specific graphics. but i will if you need one, just send me an email and i will get it to you. =)