we are done

music is a huge source of inspiration to me (as you may have noticed if you follow me on instagram where i share music & lyrics every week that fit the theme of my blog posts!)

often times a song will come on the radio and i can hear that there is a message for me there. other times i will be working on something and i hear a song in my head that fits perfectly. 

we are done by the madden brothers is a song that i really liked when i first heard it (i’m a big joel fan) but it wasn’t until i watched the music video that this song was added to my inspiration list.

take 3 minutes to watch it now – it is hugely powerful.

did you watch? my favourite is when people flip their signs, and they SMILE. it gives me goosebumps. 

near the start of the song they sing…

i need to be free.

and to me, that is why this song resonates as a biz builder.

think of all the stuff that we carry around, which is holding us back or keeping us stuck.

we need to be free of it.

and part of this journey we are on is doing just that – moving past those blocks and growing into the people we were meant to be.

what are you done being?

what, collectively, should we as women in biz be done being?

  • unworthy
  • afraid
  • small
  • safe
  • isolated
  • unempowered
  • stuck
  • wobbly
  • lost
  • uncertain
  • overwhelmed
  • insecure
  • perfect
  • compared
  • jealous
  • invisible
  • unconfident
  • disrespected
  • a people pleaser
  • a rule follower
  • not enough
  • just a…
  • not me

will you join me and choose something from this list to declare that we are done being. right here, right now, let’s tell ourselves that we are done. 

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