what's new with visual marketing?

back when i had my photography business i started thinking about how ALL business owners could do what photographers did – use branded images as a marketing tool. i shared posts like how to watermark your biz images and 20 tools you can use to create images for your biz.

that was the start of a really exciting journey! eventually, i closed the doors on the photography business and moved my interest in creative design and branding over to build a little biz.

one year ago today i wrote my first post on visual marketing – appropriately called visual marketing 101.

one year ago when you googled‘visual marketing’ not a lot came up in the search. but i decided to talk about it anyways – people talk about content marketing, and email marketing, and social media marketing. why can’t we add visual marketing to the mix?

in fact i believed that we NEEDED to add visual marketing to the mix.

i could see that a huge “visual” trend was brewing in social media and i wanted micro-businesses to be able to leverage that trend.

one year ago i decided to just go for it, to forge ahead with “visual marketing” as business strategy, and to teach others what i had learned about images, graphics, and design.

last week at problogger event i was so excited to hear at least 2 presenters use the exact term“visual marketing” on the conference stage. wooohoooo!! it means this idea is catching fire and that is great news for all of us! the more we talk about it, the more strategies we brainstorm, the more we can all spread the words about the work we do!

and many of the presenters gave great evidence and examples of why we need to be thinking about creating visual content.

here's what some of the top business coaches are saying about visual content... 

  • let your facebook graphics do the talking. who are you? what do you care about? pique interest! amy porterfield
  • facebook is emphasizing images more than ever. images get noticed on newsfeeds – and brands haven’t caught on to this… most images in newsfeeds are from people. you can leverage this and sky rocket your engagement. amy porterfield
  • social is visual. and images let you create the “shop window” experience for your customers… where they can see “ooooh that is so me!” jessica van den
  • google + is a great place to share nice big pictures, and pictures increase engagement - people usually click and comment on images so aim to ignite engagement with your images! trey ratcliff
  • make your images creative commons (allow free use of your images for non-commercial purposes) you will get lots of links back to your site. trey ratcliff
  • taking your own photos is your best option as a blogger. you own those images! i encourage you to deeply think about creating original visual content. phoebe montague
  • video is a hugely growing trend and it’s so exciting! you get to put pictures with words and music and tell people a story – there is no greater way to take people on a journey with you. hailey bartholomew
  • slideshare is the “quiet giant” of the social networks. this is something we can easily take advantage of to spread our ideas to new audiences! trevor young

see! visual matters. 

i realllllllly want to help you to get in on the visual marketing trend, so i am putting together a FREE workshop to teach you how.

it will help you get started even if you feel like you are soooo not a creative or visual person. and if you have already started creating images for your biz this workshop will help you take those ideas to the next level – to amplify your brand and engage with your audience.

i am super excited about it! to get the FREE workshop the moment it is ready you can

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my goal is to provide the freedom & flexibility for all biz owners to leverage visual marketing opportunities and i would love your help in spreading the word.

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