visual marketing success stories (from biz builders just like you!)


i am about to start the visual marketing DIY workshop again (for a 4th time! woohoo!) and i asked the group to share recent success stories and some of the images they've been creating... 

Laura Trotta - Sustainababy

For over three years I have been providing daily eco tips to my Facebook community. Initially these received a fantastic reception, but over time they were struggling to get more than a couple of likes as Facebook changed its algorithms and it became harder to show up in my tribe’s newsfeeds.

Karen’s Visual Marketing Workshop (and the instruction on Picmonkey in particular) gave me the confidence to transform my eco tips and quotes to visual shareables that complimented my branding.

The result? I’ve gone instantly from hardly any likes to 50 likes for a popular image and numerous shares! By simply adopting some of Karen’s visual branding advice I have made a huge impact to my social media following and I haven’t even finished the course material yet! I’m looking forward to further developing my visual branding skills and bringing more of my graphic design back in house.

I love Karen’s no BS, clear and easy to follow style and the passion she exudes in all she does. Karen has turned my fear of visual marketing to sheer excitement and for that I am so so thankful.

Laura Trotta is an environmental engineer, ecoceptional mum and founder of online eco-parenting resource Sustainababy. Find her on facebook , twitter and pinterest

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Fiona Pullen – The Sewing Directory

What effect has visual marketing had on my business?

Karen, I have gotten so much from your visual marketing workshop.  Before starting the course I really struggled for images because I do not sell any products so felt I had nothing to take photos of.  I also had no idea how to add text and overlays to my images, or how to edit them so those I did use were pretty boring.  Thanks to your workshop I feel I have really found my style and my images have been so popular on Pinterest that Pinterest is now my number one social referrer to my site, with a traffic increase of over 500% since starting the course!! 

Now when adding new content to my site my first step is to design an appealing sharable image before doing anything else.  Plus I have fallen in love with Picmonkey, it is amazing how simple it is to use and how brilliant it makes your images look. 

Fiona runs popular UK based sewing site The Sewing Directory . A directory of sewing businesses plus projects, techniques, industry news, events, interviews and competitions. 

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Ann Martin – Audrey Lane & One Puddle Lane

I'm a very visual person and I just love the idea of making photos and words just come alive.  It's like making a production and each visual marketing piece I do I'm so proud of the result.  I'm really enjoying using picmonkey not only is it free it does everything I need to do to make my dresses really pop.  I particularly love using the frame that makes my dresses look like they've been taken by a polaroid camera.

I make and sell beautiful ladies dresses and it's important to be able to show the dresses in their best light (not that they need it!!).  So I find that the dresses really pop and look very professional when adding information about a giveaway or an upcoming Fashion Night.  I'm finding that my customers are really responding to my dresses when there is information on the pic about what's coming up or more about the dresses. Also, I can show off the dresses I've made for customers and it really does create a lot of buzz on my page.

The next thing I am excited to learn from the workshop is more about taking great photos and then how to enhance/edit them.

Ann Martin makes gorgeous custom dresses for women at Audrey Lane and she also creates and sells her patterns. You can find her on facebook.

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have you got a visual marketing success story or some tips/tricks that you have tried that you would like to share with others? send your story to along with examples of your visual content & a short bio.