visual marketing requires more than a cute photo

if you have spent any time at all on social media you would have noticed the emphasis these days on images. i don’t know about your newsfeed on facebook, but mine looks a lot like pinterest with all of the quotes and funnies and eye catching photos. that is because facebook favours posts with images or video. and it seems like some little biz builders have figured this out…

visual marketing

i am a huge proponent of visual marketing. people are visual. we connect with images in ways that we sometimes don’t with text alone. our brains often remember images better than text alone. and images can sometimes send a strong message in a very simple way. using images to communicate about your business, your brand, or your purpose can be very effective. if you do it authentically.

just as i believe you should write genuine emails to your customers, not be spam-ish on social media, and use your blog to connect with people, i also believe that using images for your business marketing should be just as authentic.

i have recently noticed a rise in business pages posting images merely as a way to show up on newsfeeds. how can i tell? when you post an image of a cute baby and then proceed to tell me about some new service you are offering (unrelated to babies) – that has nothing to do with making a genuine connection.

even if your random cute baby image is paired with a more genuine, non-salesy question, it still feels kind of spam-ish to me. you are spamming me with images that have little to do with your business or how you can help me, the customer. the images are not for me, they are merely there to con me in. yuck.

if you are not using images as a marketing tool for your business, you are missing out on opportunities to share your brand in new ways. if you are using images to get noticed on facebook, pinterest, twitter, google and blogs – but those images have little to do with your brand – then you are doing worse than missing an opportunity. you are actually hurting your brand.

building your brand is all about being consistent and building trust. if you are trying to capture my attention with the latest funny image you found and then hammering me with a message about your product, or asking a question only you are going to lose my trust.

what can you do instead?

  • figure out what it is you really want to say using images. what message do you want to send about your brand? what do your right customers need to know about what you do? what do you most want people to remember about your business?
  • find images that will help you tell these stories, that will resonate with your right people, and that will be closely tied to the brand message of your business. 
  • and like with any marketing strategy, have a clear  purpose. what do you want to achieve with the images you share for your biz? what action do you want viewers to take?

need some ideas?

  • this post will give you 20 ideas for images you can share to market your biz
  • this post has 20 places you can create your own images & graphics for your biz
  • this post has some reminders about using other people’s images 

the photo above is one of my own, taken with my phone, edited using my favorite free software picmonkey.