10 biz owners who are doing rad things with images

i love looking to see what others are doing with their marketing to find bits of inspiration and new ideas all around me - and i thought you might like a peek at some of the examples of visual marketing that i am enjoying lately.

i have shared a bit about each biz so that you can get a sense of their overall brand message and vibe, as well as a bit about why i like what they are doing with images to give you some ideas about how you can achieve a certain purpose and engage with your audience. i hope that these inspire you! 

quote yourself

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach and motivational speaker who helps exceptional women create outrageous success. Her book “Lucky Bitch” is a practical and fun take on the law of attraction and what it really takes to manifest your wildest dreams.

what i like about her images

denise has been creating shareables with her own brand statements – these are the things she states all of the time in her blog posts, in her book, and in her course – which has given me something to pin, bookmark, post to my page, or print out so i can keep her wise advice at the forefront of my mind. her statements can become my mantras.

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define your style

Leonie Dawson is a self help author/artist/hippy who has also evolved into an entrepreneur + philanthropist. She is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. 

what i like about her images

leonie has a distinct brand vibe and appearance that is consistent through every interaction you have with her business: product images, website images, shareable images, PDFs, emails, etc. you definitely get an artist/hippy/goddess/soulful/loving vibe every single time you come across her brand – and i love that she is 100% absolutely true to herself – no apologies.

{images source - leonie's affiliate promo page} 

do it your way

Nicky Johnston is the author and illustrator of best selling children's books. her aim is to help children deal with worry thoughts (anxiety), create a positive thought habit, and celebrate literature and the arts as a way of educating others.

what i like about her images

nicky is an illustrator so it makes sense that she would draw the images she shares online. but she shows us that you don’t have to do what you see everyone else doing – you can go beyond the stock image or the quote image (or whatever else is happening in your niche) and do it your way! do you like scrapbooking? sketching? painting? creating mindmaps? making lists? creating quirky 6 second videos? do THAT for your visual content. there are no rules here.

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and here are some more examples of people who are doing visual content in their own unique way are:

say what others are thinking

Marie O’Neill is an illustrator and graphic designer… passionate about creating beautiful, bold and stylish images that demand attention. With a particular interest in comic and pop art, Marie's illustrations combine retro styling with a contemporary look and feel.

what i like about her images

marie creates shareables with messages that are timely, engaging, a bit snarky and funny, stuff that we have on our minds already. she has gone beyond the “quote image” and is putting fun fresh visual content into the social media space.

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'This is why I wrote "QR Codes Kill Kittens" - Bus + crotch + QR code = Profit.'

provide examples

Scott Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing. He is an expert in Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls Un-Marketing. As he says on his wesbite: “Stop marketing. Start engaging”

what i like about his images

scott is not just talking about the good the bad and the ugly of marketing, he is sharing examples of it using images: photographs, screencaps, stuff people send in to him, stuff he finds in every day life. people often learn better from examples than they do concepts so this is a great way to re-inforce his own brand message. his new book QR codes kill kittens looks like it has a bunch of visual examples, looking forward to checking it out.

{image source - check out all of scott's images on facebook}

draw people in

Kate Byrne has an insatiable appetite for life, art, nature, creative endeavour, women in business for themselves, making a difference and laughing out loud.  She runs Betty Means Business and is on a mission to quench your thirst for bullshit free creative inspiration & business advice.

what i like about her images

kate’s blog images use a combination of photography + text to send a really powerful message about the content – they always draw me in to read more. when i see one of her images pop up in my feed i want to click through and see what else kate has to say. she will also often share great photos + text on her facebook page as well.

{image source - see it on the blog + credit to Hannah Millerick for the photograph}

'photo a day. #15 "secret" '

include your fans

Chantelle runs a blog called Fat Mum Slim which is all about “living life inspired” – the blog is home to the photo a day challenges, a space to share her thoughts, experiences and inspirations, and recipes that she loves too.

what i like about her images

Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge is hugely popular – she has really involved her fans in her brand, and she gives them a space to share what is important in their lives, making their contributions valuable too. plus i love that she has made it fun and not scary to experiment with photography, you don’t have to be a pro you just have to get snapping.

 {image source - join the photo a day fun on facebook}

live your brand message

Katrina Springer (better known as the Organized Housewife) provides readers with daily tips and ideas to keep them and their family organised. her aim is to motivate and inspire readers to enjoy the journey they are living with their family while easily keeping a tidy home. 

what i like about her images

katrina’s Instagram images give a peek into her own life as an “organized housewife”. she is really walking the talk and it makes her accessible and real – people can relate to her everyday life which builds trust in the products that she sells and the content that she shares. i also like the way she will often tease what she is working on for her blog, what sorts of tips or strategies she will be sharing next.

 {image source - follow katrina on instagram}

a peek into your process

Jessica Van Den designs jewellery for her shop Epheriell – her jewellery is carefully and lovingly handmade in her solar-powered home studio in the countyside. She crafts each piece using recycled and reclaimed materials.

what i like about her images

jessica will often use instagram to share a peek into her studio: you see her process, her inspiration, her experimentation with new designs, and teases of new things she is working on. i also love how she uses images extensively through all of her social media platforms and marketing efforts, she is a great example of using visual content as a shop window. her images make me feel very connected to the products she makes, i want to own them all!

 {image source - follow jessica on instagram}

stand for something

FCKH8.com is a private T-Shirt company with a directly charitable mission that they’re personally passionate about: fighting homo-H8 everywhere. They believe the world would be a better place if good causes had the same savvy marketing as products like iPods, soft drinks and designer jeans. Their bottom line is making a difference.

what i like about their images

FCKH8 is not just selling t-shirts, they are creating a movement. they use fan submitted messages & images, pop culture references, current events, and everyday life moments to send a consistent and strong message – one that gives voice to each and every one of the people in their community. i like that they give me something to share online that shows what i stand for, and that they have offered an easy way to connect with people who care about the same things i do.

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even though these images all have very different purposes, one thing that they all have in common is that all get a lot of engagement: likes, shares, comments... and the other thing that you will notice is that each biz owner has their own distinct style to their brand. 

my goal here is to show you that you can use images for a variety of purposes in a way that matches YOUR biz and YOUR brand. have fun with it!  

of course i would never suggest you cactually steal from other business owners or copy someone else's images, brand, or work - but i do think we can certainly find inspiration and ideas all around us!

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