visual marketing 101

visual marketing is not really a phrase you hear often. people are talking about pinterest and facebook and instagram and youtube and blogs and email and mobile apps and more as tools for marketing your business, but we aren’t really talking much about the fact that images are the medium that make these tools popular.

visual marketing is simply using images to communicate a message about your business

as a photographer i was naturally using images to promote my business, but even as i have moved away from my photography business i realize that i still ‘think’ in images. the combination of my own creative tendencies, my love of images as a way to make a statement, and the trends that i see occurring in marketing, have led me to explore the use of images as a marketing strategy in and of itself.

consider the current emphasis that facebook puts on images, the rise in popularity of pinterest, instagram, picmonkey (and other photo apps), and the proliferation of video as a marketing tool… i genuinely feel like we all need to consider visual marketing as a possible strategy for our business.

like any other strategy (content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, PR & advertising, etc.) you need to do what is right for your business. there is no right or wrong way. but chances are if you are using any of the above you are already using images for your business, so i do urge you to consider adding a visual marketing plan to your business to ensure you are making the most of the opportunities you have, and also are sending the message you intend to send.

what is visual marketing?

  • using images to communicate a message
  • images can be still or moving
  • images can be created in a number of ways = photographs, graphics, artwork, diagrams, presentations, video etc.

why images?

there are a number of reasons why visual content is valuable to your biz - read them all here - but i will sum it up with these:


  • people are visual.  
  • social media is visual. 
  • brands are visual. 


so it makes sense to be using images in your biz!


what kinds of images?


images come in a wide variety of formats for all sorts of purposes.

  • product images
  • testimonials
  • information images
  • social media shareables
  • banners
  • PDFs
  • multimedia
  • manifestos
  • promotional images
  • media kits
  • promo pages
  • print images

where can you use images?

you can add images to the strategies and activities you are already using in your biz!

  • website, blog, newsletter, social media, PR, advertising, word of mouth, events, launching, etc.

where can you get images for your biz?


  • you can learn how to make all of these types of visual content for your biz in the visual marketing DIY online workshop
  • plus you can find tonnes of free tools online as well as free tutorials on sites like youtube - you can start with my free class on creating shareables if you like


  • hire a designer (like me!) to do some or all of your image work, or have them create templates that you can use over and over again. just like any other strategy for your biz, you can do a mix of DIY & outsourcing as you see fit
  • order a custom shareables package to get you started right away with some blank templates branded to match your bis

NOTE: you can also share other people’s images - but be sure that you know these visual content rules.

this is most commonly seen on facebook, pinterest, & in blog posts. compare it to content marketing & social media marketing – you can certainly share other peoples content as a way to build connections, grow your audience, and network with others in your niche. but just as you would need some original, brand related content/posting you should also have some brand related images. stuff that in owned by you, branded to match your business, and 100% related to what you do.

build a visual marketing plan

the key really is to start building a plan for how you will incorporate images into your business marketing. 

  • the build your visual marketing mojo workbook can help with that! it includes ideas for the types of images you can create, the free tools you can use to create them, how to make sure they are branded to match your biz, and how to create images that serve a purpose for your biz. everything you need to get started in one handy place!

i would really like to spread the word about visual marketing as a biz strategy. will you help me share these ideas? click to tweet!