Using Social Media Automation? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

by guest author prerna malik

I know. 

We can’t live without automation. I mean, how are we supposed to manage our presence on 3-4 different social networks and run a business at the same time? Oh, and manage the home, husband and kids too? 

But I’m not saying you’ve got to avoid automation, I’m talking about mistakes to avoid when automating your social media presence. 

Whether you’re managing your social media presence on your own or using the services of a social media manager, chances are you’re using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule updates on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  

That is awesome and I fully support your decision to do that since it does free up your time but I want to make sure you aren’t making any of the following mistakes: 

1. Set It and Forget It 

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when automating their social updates is setting them and then, forgetting about them. Yes, using automation to schedule updates is fine, but replying to questions, acknowledging retweets or shares and participating in the conversation needs a real, human presence. 

So, pop in everyday to check on your social feeds and make sure that you engage and interact. 

2. Sounding Automated 

What do your updates ‘sound’ like?  Stilted and robotic or natural and the way you’d actually want to chat with someone? If it is the former, you need to stop it. Stat. 

Using automation does not mean you sound automated. Don’t spam people with automated messages or mentions each time someone follows you.  Make your updates personable, friendly, and social.

3. Forgetting to Get Social Real-Time 

Sometimes, we get carried away with the ease of automation that social media tools offer, we forget about getting social with our fans and followers, real-time. Leave enough space in your social media calendar on a daily basis for real-time updates. 

  • A photo clicked of new packaging coming in.  
  • A testimonial that’s just landed in your inbox. 
  • A quick tip you want to share with your fans right now. 

Yes, leave space in your social media scheduling for real-time engagement and interaction. 

4. Scheduling All Updates the Same Way

Are you sharing ‘Click Like’ messages on Twitter or “Please RT’ messages on Facebook? 

Don’t make the mistake of scheduling ALL your updates the same way. Twitter messages need to stick to the 140 or less character limit while Facebook messages can be longer and more elaborate.  LinkedIn will need you to be more biz-oriented and professional in your approach. 

So, make sure you adapt your updates, automated or not, to the network you’re engaging with. 

5. Overlooking Strategy and Timing 

Finally, are you tracking insights to see which updates and messages are getting clicked on? Are you putting a solid online marketing strategy in place and then, creating your updates? Are you paying attention to timing? 

Automation does not mean ignoring these fundamentals. It means working with them to create a social media presence for your brand that is result-oriented, engaging and most of all, authentic. 

Final words: Use automation but use it wisely. Don’t let it take over your social media presence and turn your Twitter account into a bot that spams people or transforms your Facebook page into a ghost town that only has your posts ‘talking’. 

Owner of Social Media Direct and The Mom Writes, Prerna Malik helps businesses leverage social media into sales. Grab her FREE Social Media Starter Toolkit to kickstart your smallbiz social media presence today!