trash the too from your vocabulary

at our recent lighthouse live biz retreat i noticed something interesting…

as we women in biz were talking about some of the ideas we have, and some of the stuff that has us feeling stuck, there was a word that popped up often. 


just three little letters, a word that is really nothing special, but wow does it carry some weight.

it just slips into the conversations we have about ourselves, our lives, our biz.

too loud

too shy

too sarcastic

too serious

too simple

too complex

too artsy

too woo

too smart

too old

too weird

too much of a perfectionist

care too much

work too much

have too much fun

spend too much time doing whatever it is we do

too. too. too.

what if we ditched that word entirely? 

what if we were just plain smart. or loud. or woo. or whatever.

what if we just owned who we are. 

what if we let our weirdness out to play.

perhaps the thing we have “too” much of is the exact thing that allows us to feel authentic when marketing and branding and connecting with our right people.

perhaps it is the exact thing that will allow us to get unstuck.

just make note of it now. and next time you catch yourself saying you are too anything, ask “is that really such a terrible thing? what would happen if i trashed the too?”

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