Three Not-So-Scary Ways to Boost SEO for Your Biz Website

from guest author prerna malik

SEO- these three little words often put fear and dread into the hearts of bloggers and business owners. 

Frustration and confusion reigns as business owners try to find their way around keywords, content optimization, linking and more. 

After spending countless hours coaching small business owners on using and leveraging SEO as well as a few hundred hours doing SEO and keyword analysis for upcoming sites, I know for a fact that SEO isn’t scary. 

Yay! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at some non-scary and in fact, fun ways to boost your site’s SEO almost instantly: 

#1. Use Keywords for Optimum Optimization 

Keywords form the base of search engine optimization and represent the search terms that people are using to look for what you offer. Naturally, you want your site to rank well for those keywords. 

So, how do you find keywords that would help you rank higher on search engine pages? 

By doing some keyword research. You can either use a free tool, like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or you can hire an analyst to do the digging and analyzing. 

Once you have your list of keywords, here are 3 cool things to do right away: 

1. Use them in your meta tags and meta description. While search engines no longer use metadata for ranking, your meta description and tags will help people understand what you’re offering easily and quickly. 

2. Using the keywords generated, brainstorm a list of at least 10 topics for your business blog. If you don’t have a blog, now is a good time to create one. Static sites take longer to rank than sites with dynamic content or blogs. So, set up a business blog now. 

3. Pick one page on your site, review and revise the text to make it more search engine friendly without impacting readability and value to the reader. Repeat the exercise with another page the next day. 

#2. Link Up for Better Ranking 

Ever wonder why you’re creating great content, using keywords and still not ranking? It’s all because of links and the love they spread. 

Now, how do you get links? 

You get links by being incredible with your content and your expertise. Give people a reason to link to you and your site. Offer them amazing value in everything you write and share. 

Other ways to get links include guest posting, commenting on blogs, getting mentions in the press, sponsoring and supporting events and charities online. 

Also, don’t forget the power of inter-linking or linking to content within your own site. 

#3. SEO-friendly Social Media 

Yes, social media is good for SEO. With the recent Penguin and not-so-recent Panda updates, socially shared content ranks better and higher. 

So, when you create killer content, not only do you increase your potential of getting linked to but also increase the social share-ability of that content. 

Add social calls to action. Ask readers to tweet, share on Facebook or pin your content.  

Make sure your site has social icons so that users can follow you. 

Every tweet, FB post, comment and ‘pin’ sends a message to the search engines that your content is valuable. 

So, you see, SEO to begin with isn’t complicated. Using simple but effective strategies like keywords, linking and inter-linking as well as social networking can help you get started with ranking better and higher for your search terms. 

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