think outside the box and create an e-product for your biz

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if you are working on building a little biz, i am guessing that you would like to grow that biz into something that makes you more money – perhaps so you can quit your day job, or justify not going back to your old job, or support your family better, or whatever your goal may be.

what is your plan to grow your biz?

when just starting out, biz builders tend to have the plan that they will just make more of their product or promote themselves more and then sell more! and voila – the biz grows!

the thing you need to consider, whether you are a service provider or you make handmade products or you source products or you do the majority of the work that goes into delivering your products there is a limit to the amount work you can do. there will come a point when you cannot possibly make more, offer more, product more or source more. (well not if you want to stay sane & get sleep.)

in this post i share my own brainstorming for thinking outside the box when it comes to what you sell and the ways you sell it. i definitely recommend doing some brainstorming like this for your biz – it will help you come up with a plan for how to grow your biz without necessarily adding long term work for yourself (that make more to sell more mentality).

think outside the box

one of the ways you can expand your biz without having to make more products or fit in more clients to your schedule or take on more customers is to sell an ebook. there is obviously a time commitment to write, package & launch your ebook, but once you have it up and ready then it can become a passive income earner to your biz.

even if you do not choose to sell your ebook it can be a useful addition to your business as an incentive to sign up for a newsletter, as a thank you gift to referrers or repeat customers or as a bonus to new customers.

and you do not need to create a ‘book’ as we traditionally think of it (chapters of text) – you can create any sort of digital information product:

  • an email course
  • a guide
  • a template
  • a workbook
  • a worksheet
  • a checklist
  • an instruction manual
  • a pattern or blueprint
  • a manifesto
  • a magazine

if you are not sure what sort of ebook or eproduct your right people would want try thinking of:

  • the thing you seem to help people with over and over again
  • the common questions you seem to answer repeatedly
  • the types of blog posts, newsletter content, or facebook info that have been most popular
  • the things you wish your customers knew before they started working with you
  • the things your customers might want to know after they buy something from you
  • the problems your customers need solving
  • the things you have learnt along the way as you developed your skill, built your biz

the expertise that you have, that has lead you to create a business out of doing something that you love, is valuable to people. think outside the box and imagine how you can channel that expertise into a product that your people will love!

final thoughts...

i should point out that creating and selling an ebook doesn’t require a big investment of money – you can create the book online for free and sell it online using sites like ejunkie and paypal for quite a small amount of money, and very little trouble at all. it is an investment of time, but now that i know better what i am doing the next time around will be much faster!

the last thing i want to remind you of is this: you may be thinking that the expertise you have to offer is not valuable enough to sell. (‘there are so many experts out there who know way more than me!’ is the thought that went through my mind when i first considered writing my ebook.) though you may see yourself as not being very high on the totem pole in your field of expertise, there are heaps of people who are looking to you as the pro. they value what you do, value what you know.

as you are being mentored by others and you can be a mentor yourself; as you are learning and growing and improving, you can also be teaching others…  

you have something valuable to offer this world… what are you waiting for?

some further reading on creating ebooks or eproducts:

would you like some help coming up with ideas for an eproduct? book in for an email workshop and let me help you out! =)