the way you do business vs. the business you do

the biz you do.jpg

the most common questions i get from little biz builders are:

- how can i promote my business?

- how can i find people who will buy my thing?

- how can i turn traffic into sales?

- i spend a lot of time on facebook but i am not getting many sales. what should i do?

- what can i do besides social media to promote my business?

there is no easy answer to these questions. there are a tonne of marketing and sales strategies that little businesses can use, and there are a tonne of bloggers writing about these strategies.

the key is finding the RIGHT strategies to target the RIGHT people and that match the EXACT thing you sell.

i find that most of the biz builders i talk with are very concerned with the way that they do business (the strategies and the tactics) but they do not have a clear idea of the business they do.

in other words, they are not clear about their framework. and without a strong framework it is really hard to choose and implement the marketing and sales strategies that will actually be effective.  

your framework is made up of:

  • YOU (because you are the most unique part of your biz)
  • your products (what it is you are REALLY selling)
  • your target (the SPECIFIC group of people who want to buy your thing)
  • the marketplace (because competitors, complementary businesses and objections affect your biz)
  • your brand (the MESSAGE you are sending out about your biz. your promise.)

when i ask biz builders about these parts of their biz they certainly provide me with answers. but generally they are not clear enough, not specific enough, not strong enough in these aspects of their biz. they just don’t REALLY know. and this makes it difficult to promote and sell their product.

before your marketing strategy will be successful you need to know what you are marketing, and to whom. you need to know why your product stands out and what to say about it. you need to show how you can meet needs and solve problems. if you can do all of that, marketing & selling becomes a hell of a lot easier. and also more fun.

so before you follow one more suggestion on how to market your biz… before you implement one more strategy that you read on a blog or in a book… before you get frustrated one more time that your tactics aren’t working… ask yourself:

“do i have a solid framework? am i crystal clear about my product, my target, my marketplace, my brand, and how i fit in to all of that?”

if the answer is ‘not really’ then you need to get back to basics. you need to build a framework. then you can work on finding the right strategies.

if you need help with your framework and if you need help coming up with strategies, have a look at my new workbook: build a framework . click here to read about the build a framework blueprint.

every little biz builder should know this stuff about their biz. if you aren’t sure you do, then this blueprint is just what you need. you will apply this information to every strategy for marketing, sales and growth that you choose in the future, so it is very worth your time and money to get this right now.

this information is not new. it is not earth shattering. you can find any number of blogs, books, and courses talking about these aspects of business. i just put it all into one handy step-by-step workbook for you. i want it to be easy and accessible, so you can get on with promoting your biz, and hopefully feeling less frustrated, having more fun. sounds good, right?

first figure out the business you do. then concentrate on the way you do business.