The Simple Way to Know How Busy You Are… Right Now!

by guest author prerna malik

There was a time in my life when anyone would ask me how I was, I’d say, “Busy, busy!” My days used to fly past me and I would be left running behind. Literally.

Even though I was sleeping less than 4 hours a night, it seemed as if I just couldn’t manage to get things done.

Then, I magically found the key to my time management overwhelm.

This key helped me to unlock the potential that lay within each day, opened up my hours to me and gave me the control I needed over my time.

Curious to know what this key is?

It’s called time tracking.

That is right.

I used a simple Excel planner {a downloadable version is included in my latest eBook, Productivity 2.0} and tracked my activities for a whole week.

Time Tracking: An Eye Opening Exercise

Tracking my time showed me that while I claimed to be busy working, I was actually waffling between Pinterest and my emails.

It also showed me tasks that took 80% of my time but gave me only 20% returns. Yes, the famed 80:20 principle.

Time tracking also revealed how during certain hours I could get a whole lot of things done while during others my productivity slumped miserably.

Using Time Tracking to Increase Productivity

By tracking my hours, I could see which activities needed to go, which ones to focus on and when to best use my time for work and play.

Just simple tweaks to my routine left me with more margin in my days, helped me to work on my business while working in it and enabled me to manage my home and family as well.

I went from not being able to work on projects like eBooks to being able to create 4 of them in one year! Without losing my sanity in the process.

Plus, I was able to see how busy I really was and realized that what I thought was busyness was actually so not that.

Most importantly, tracking my hours helped me to regain control of my time and make it work for me, as a small business owner who juggled a lot of things.

Are you ready to take control of your time as a small business owner?

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Prerna Malik works with ‘little’ businesses on their web content and social media strategy. Co-owner of Social Media Direct, she offers quality, customized support to entrepreneurs and business owners helping them to build better brands online. Be sure to sign up for a FREE one-on-one strategy session and move towards focused, productive social networking.