the power of vulnerability

i shared in a recent post that one of the keys for me to forming authentic relationships in my biz has been vulnerability.

vulnerability is seriously one of the scariest things. but it is also where the magic happens.

every single time i have allowed myself to be vulnerable – to bare it all and be deeply, vulnerably seen, beautiful things have happened. 

connection. support. engagement. inspiration. creation. growth. 

all good things. 

the sky didn’t fall. the people didn’t leave. nothing exploded. 

vulnerability is scary – but so worth it!

brene brown’s ted talk on the power of vulnerability is one of my all-time favourites – i go back and listen to it often.

in it she says that a strong feeling of love & belonging is what leads people to believe they are worthy. and i know that the struggle for worthiness is one that we all go through as we build a business, so i think that it is worth listening to brene’s thoughts on how embracing vulnerability is the key to authentic connection and that feeling of belonging. 

it is worth taking 20 minutes to watch (or click here to read the transcript or download it as an mp3 – i love to listen as i walk on the beach.)

as i was listening again to brene’s talk last night, i created this graphic recording (my first ever!) so that i could remember her wise words. 

click here to download & print the PDF version.

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