the case for being a flagrant rule breaker

when i first started the 'build a little biz' blog i was really just writing about my own journey to start my own micro-business from home. i loved talking about the stuff i was learning, and loved that there were people who found value in my blog.

i wrote from the heart, in my own style & in my own words.

this meant that i didn’t use capitals. somewhere along the way when all of my writing was just for me, and done in emails and on facebook and in text messages i had just stopped using capitals. i remember a long time ago one of my friends saying she always knew a message came from me, even without looking at the sender.

anyhow, when i started blogging i did actually try using capitals. you can probably find those old properly capitalized blog posts here somewhere.

but here is the thing, when i use capitals my writing doesn't feel like me anymore. i feel like i am looking at something someone else wrote.

so i decided a long time ago to just be me.

which, as you can see, involves no capitalization whatsoever, the occasional swear word (because i do indeed swear in real life - shocking, i know!), quite a lot of sentence fragments (word tells me about these faux pas all of the time), at least one typo in every post (because i rush), and an awful lot of elipses... i don't know why, i just like them.

this blog has grown and changed a lot since those first days. i have rebranded a couple of times, and have updated the website a few more. i went from just blogging about biz tips to offering a few ebooks and services on the side, to developing a full biz based on this work that i love.

but through all of the changes and growth, one thing has remained the same... i am still me. 

i am not a coach or a consultant or a strategist or a guru or an expert or an MBA.  

i am not a WE, there is no team here, i don't have a copywriter or an editor or a marketing division or a sales team or a PR agency or an assistant.

i'm just me.

i am a teacher: i am very good at taking information and teaching it to others in a way that clicks. i am a brainstormer: an ideas person. i am an unstucktor: i am good at putting pieces together with a fresh set of eyes and helping people move forward with their ideas. and i am a cheerleader: i won't baby and i don't hold your hand, but i will enthusiastically jump up and down and tell you that you do indeed kick ass.

i am very clear about how exactly i can best help people, and who exactly i can best help. i don't pretend to be anything else, or pretend that i know more than i know. 

and i still don't and won't use capitals. if i did i would feel like a cop out. or a sell out. because a long time ago, i decided not to. and so i don't.   

and look, i totally get that my style (and my flagrant disregard for grammar rules) is not for everyone. that is ok. aside from being true to me, it actually helps my biz in a few ways:

  1. when i write something people know i wrote it. blog, newsletter, facebook, twitter, emails… it’s my voice, my style, my own writing. no cut & paste. no assistant answering emails for me or loading my tweets. (and if i ever do hire help, you will know that person, you will know her voice and her style. this blog will always be transparent & genuine.)
  2. when people don’t like my style they move on to other blogs & biz peeps. it saves us all time because if they don’t like my style here they won’t really like it anywhere else, in any of the products or services i offer. they can confidently move on to the right people to help them (and i happily recommend my peers, all of the time!)
  3. when people do like my style, they are generally just the type of person i love working with. people who want find their own voice & style; who want to be authentic and stand out in their own ways; who want to move past constraints & mindsets & so-called-rules and get the joy back in their biz; who want to BE their brand & shout it from the roof-tops. those are the people i most want to help in this world!

you see, my whole mission is to help women in biz shine. and if you don't feel authentic, then you can't shine. you can hardly choke the words out, let alone shout them from the rooftops!

what is once piece of your biz puzzle that feels inauthentic? what is one thing that you wish you could embrace but you haven't for fear of not looking 'professional' or not pleasing everyone? what is your version of never using capitals?

i encourage you to embrace your inner badass and just be you. you won't please everyone. you can't possibly. but you can certainly connect with the people who love you even more. and when you feel authentic it is a lot easier to talk to those people.

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go on now... go do your equivalent of not using capitals. you know i will be cheering you on!