the 5 elements of a kick ass newsletter

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a newsletter is an excellent and very cost effective marketing tool, one i suggest every little biz builder use.

think about it, when people sign up to your list they are telling you that they are interested in your biz, they are giving you permission to contact them, they want you to send them information!

a list of people who love your biz, are interested in your products, and want what you have to offer... it is the best thing you can create for your little biz. i

but how do you create a newsletter that people will subscribe to, that will be opened up and read, and that will get customers buying from you?

1. professionalism

use a professional email newsletter provider so that people can easily subscribe and unsubscribe, so that you can include a pro-looking opt-in box/page on your site, so that you can easily track results, and so that your fans receive something that looks and feels professional.

2. awesome branding

brand your newsletter to match the branding on your website and other marketing materials. give your newsletter and even your subscribers a fabulous name to match your brand. have some fun with the appearance and feel of your newsletter!

3. incentive

be clear about what people receive when they sign up for your newsletter. you may offer an incentive for signing up (a free download, a discount voucher etc.) or you may offer fabulous content that you know your fans can’t resist.

4. purpose

have a specific purpose in mind for your newsletter, one which does not involve spamming your subscribers with sales offers. determine what your people need and want from you and find a way to deliver! have a plan for your content, your schedule and your call to action for subscribers.

5. wow factor

get creative and find a way to offer your subscribers something they will look forward to receiving, something they will forward to their friends because they love it so much. stand out from the competition and do something no one else is doing.

does your newsletter make people giddy when they see it has arrived in their inbox? if not, then it is time to make it better. just sayin...

if you need help with what to include in your newsletter, how to get people to sign up, where to create your newslettter and more... please check out the build a newsletter blueprint. it will take you step by step through making a newsletter an awesome asset to your little biz. find out more about the blueprint here.

(and if you have already started building your list, awesome! the build a newsletter blueprint can help you make it an effective and fun marketing strategy for your biz. it will help you with content ideas, targeting your ideal customers, and rocking their world with your fabulous emails.)

do you need some inspiration?

here are 11 inspiring examples of newsletters run by a little biz. go have a look and get some ideas!

are you looking for a great free spot to build a newsletter?

my recommendation is mailchimp. free up to 2000 subscribers, super easy, & fun. you can transfer in your existing list, add a sign-up tab to your facebook page, and use one of their awesome templates or build your own.