tell your brand story, one photo at a time

are you on instagram? i am, and i love it (hello, it’s visual!) and now i am working out how i can use it more effectively for my biz (i.e. not just for sharing photos of toddler tantrums, which is what i happen to be most famous for. or well, my little dude is famous for it. what’s up bitches?)

instagram is for “capturing and sharing the world’s moments” – so really, what we need to consider as biz builders is how we can capture and share “brand moments” with the people who care about the same things we do.

for a biz owner on instagram it’s about telling your brand story, one photo… one moment at a time.

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start by looking at your instagram feed… 

  • would a new follower be able to tell what you & your brand are about by looking at your feed?
  • is there a cohesive theme?
  • do the photos match your brand message or your overall brand vibe? 
  • is there consistency or repetition?
  • would that someone feel compelled to hit the follow button?

even though i love visuals, i love photography, and i love sharing images on insty… i can honestly say the answer for me was no!

mixed in with my tantrumy toddler are photos of my nails, photos of my beers, photos of my beach, and photos of my biz. yep, it’s all me, and my brand is certainly ME, however i can see that i’ve got work to do! it’s not very clear, or very consistent!

care to join me?

start here:

  • what are your signature things? (eg colour, font, shape, pattern, words, phrases, symbols… it’s good to have at least one signature thing if not more!)
  • what is the message you want to send about your biz?  what is your overall brand vibe? (eg vibrant, casual, whimsical, silly, minimalist, serious, playful, inspiring, etc)
  • what is your primary theme or purpose (eg to inspire, to educate, to entertain, to be helpful, to motivate… what is the thing you really want to do for the people who follow you.)
  • what do you sell? how can you share that, not by posting product photos, but by sharing moments? (eg behind the scenes, how it works, before and after, your process, your inspiration, the result or the benefits, the products in use, products in transit, services as they happen, sneak peeks, etc.)
  • what would people most want from YOU? (eg your insight, your expertise, your ideas, examples, camaraderie, encouragement… what would help them feel like they have a little piece of you by following)
  • what do you want to be known for?

once you start brainstorming, look for themes and ideas that you can start to capture with photos!

remember, the keys to amplifying your brand are clarity, simplicity, consistency, repetition, and exaggeration.

in other words: decide what you want to be known for, stick to that thing, do it everywhere, over and over again, and shout it from the rooftops.

and that is really the key to using instagram to amplify your brand.

the great thing about social media, including instagram, is that you can experiment a little. see what works. see what resonates and gets engagement. see what is FUN! 

it’s not a tattoo.

keep working at it, as you know more you can do better!

if you would like to join me as i work on using instagram for biz more effectively, i’ve put all of the tips, ideas, examples, and strategies i have learned about into one handy workbook; including: image ideas, photography tips, useful apps, mananaging/planning tips, and of course lots of fun strategies for building your following, building your list, and selling more stuff. oh and i have heaps of examples as well, i love to learn by example!

join me in building your instagram mojo

oh and pop over to instagram to say hi, we can support one another by following one another!