steal these ideas | stand out with video marketing

did you know? youtube is the number 2 search engine after google. and video is one of the most underused marketing strategies by little businesses. yes, a there are a lot of bloggers & information providers using video, but are your competitors or the complementary businesses in your niche?

if not, then video could be a great way to stand out amongst the competition, to improve your SEO, to connect with your customers, and have some fun with your marketing.

the other great thing about video is that they are immensely sharable! awesome videos get liked, pinned, tweeted, shared, and viewed multiple times; so if you make a good one you can increase your word of mouth marketing even as you engage with fans, answer objections, offer expertise, and build SEO – all at once!

ah, but the question is "what the heck would i do with my video?" here are some examples & ideas to inspire you…

tell a story, like rocking green

this is a great example of a video that just uses images, text, and music but is still powerful. you don’t need to be a ‘talking head’ in a video!

inspire people, like danielle laporte

i want to watch this video every day. give your customers & fans something that makes them feel uplifted, motivated, encouraged, not alon, or just plain freaking awesome.

be memorable, like megan auman

lots of steel (jewelry) from megan auman on Vimeo.

this video is short and simple, but megan shows what she does in a really cute way. you can see another one from mgean here in her about page; in that one i love how she shares her WHY, as well as her expertise & talent, and the process that goes into her work.

help people, like marie forleo

marie’s videos are one of the few i consistently watch because she offers concrete help (no ‘if you just buy my thing you will get the answer) but she is also fun to watch, and you feel like you get to know her. (you can see all of marie's awesome videos here on 'marie tv' and you can sign up for her FREE 4 part video series which goes more in depth into rocking your online marketing - find that here.)

entertain, like dollar shave club

i have shared this video before in my post on ‘make me feel good about my purchase’ but i couldn’t write about video marketing and not include it. you will want to share it with someone. trust. and isn’t that what you would want with your videos?