steal these ideas | make me feel good about my purchase

one of the best ways to learn is by example, so today i am sharing a few real life examples of how other businesses are marketing, promoting and selling their thing. (

also, big companies have big marketing budgets. you do not. you can learn a lot from what their highly paid marketing execs know. just sayin’)

1. kellogg’s write on wrappers

i must start with this example, because this product gave me the idea for this post. my kid likes to take a packaged junky treat for recess to school. and i let her. there i said it out loud! she brings a healthy fruit snack, and a healthy lunch, so i am cool with her taking a junky treat. but deep down that mum guilt kicks in and i feel like i should at least be making something homemade, or at least nutritious disguised as a sweet treat, or something!

then she comes home from the grocery store with these. and she is totally pumped. “mum, can you secretly write a message to me and put it in my lunch bag so that when i get my snack it will be a surprise?” and suddenly, i have gone from crappy mum who gives her kid junk food, to super mum who write awesome messages of love to her child everyday in her lunch bag.

junk food lunches.jpg


kellogg’s just made it ok to give my kids a junk food treat. they just got right to the heart of my emotions, the guilt i was feeling, and they found a way to make me feel like a better mum.

how can you steal this idea and get to the heart of the emotions of your customer?

try this:

  • choose a product and write down everything you can about what you sell.
  • now ask: “so what?” and write down why anyone would care.
  • now ask again: “yah but, so what?” and write down why people really care about that stuff.
  • now ask again: “yah but i still don’t get it. so what? what’s in it for me?”
  • keep going until you get to the emotions of what you offer.

by the way, LCM bars are australian for rice krispy squares. i have no freaking idea why they are called LCM bars or what LCM stands for.

2. jacob’s cost per wear

you might already do cost per wear (or PPW as i love to call it, thanks to my big sis who has taught me all of her retail secrets.) but if not, jacob is teaching you how in this blog post.

cost per wear.jpg

(source) by the way, jacob is a mid-priced Canadian retail chain.

simple right? you take your cost of purchase and divide it by the number of times you will wear or use it. jacob just made it okay for me to make this purchase. 50 cents per use! sign me up! jacob also just gave me the goods to justify my purchase– for my own internal dialogue, and also for when hubby sees the credit card bill!

how can you steal this idea and make your customers feel better about their purchase?

try this:

  • can you divide the cost down to cost per use?
  • or if your product service bundles something together can you divide it down to cost per item or component?
  • can you compare it to how much it will cost them if they don’t buy your product or service?
  • can you show them how much money they will save in the long term?

3. dollar shave club's feel good video

this video is full of awesomeness. you really just have to watch it (and it is only 94 seconds so no excuses…)

right? awesome.

not only is it freaking funny (which makes me want to share it with everyone i know, but that is a topic for another day…) but it makes me want to buy their product. i don’t have to buy those expensive razors for hubby anymore and i get to support a little biz instead of paying for endorsements by roger federer. i get to make my life easier (you’ll send me the razors? sign me up!) and i get to save money (seriously? $1?).

but what really makes me feel good is that by buying razors from these dudes i get to help alejandra so she doesn’t have to live in a car. way to put a face to a purpose that is bigger than the product itself.

how can you steal this idea and make people WANT to buy from you?

try this:

  • build relationships (video is great because it puts a face to the business and humour makes me feel like we are buddies.)
  • show me why purchasing from you supports real people (not celebrity endorsments, or CEOs in their glass offices or whatever.)
  • identify why i would be crazy not too (how you save me money and time and hassle.)
  • give me permission not to buy that other stuff any more (the common brand, the over-priced over-hyped competitor item etc.)
  • and give me a way to buy something more than the product (supporting a cause, a charity etc.) because it makes me feel good about myself. 

further reading:

do you find it helpful to learn by example? can you find a way to tweak these ideas for your biz? let me know. if you like it i will keep looking for more great ideas for us to "steal" =)