a little biz love week challenge

it's feburary, it's nearly valentine's day, so i am declaring this to be little biz love week.


because spreading the love feels really good.

but we often get busy and life is hectic and there are so many jobs to do, that we don't always stop and feel grateful for those people around us that help us to do what we love to do. 

our customers, mentors, service providers, supporters, family members, etc.

so this is what i challenge us all do this week... little biz love week.

each day think of a person that you are really grateful for, that you admire, that you appreciate, that has made a difference to you, or that helps you in some way.

then go tell them how awesome they are.


to help us out i have created a number of prompts... i will be sharing these all week long on social media and would love it if you would share, repin, regram, and retweet the images. 

let's see how far we can spread the love this week!