some recommended awesomeness

i have so many awesome things to tell you about that i decided that it would be easier to put them all in one spot for you rather than just posting them to facebook or twitter…  

i might need to make it a regular thing, now that so many of my biz friends are doing such amazing things that i am proud to tell you about!

profit with purpose

janine and jo from love your small business are holding a free webinar on Feb 22nd called profit with purpose.

“Leaving your day job and striking out as an entrepreneur isn't always about making lots of money. It's about contributing to the lives of your loved ones, doing what you are passionate about AND having the peace of mind that comes from being in control of your own destiny. Imagine if you could use your unique gifts and talents, generate the income you desire, and let go of all the usual stresses that go along with making money.” 

i think this sounds right up my alley, and is actually something i could use some help with right about now. what about you? join me there?

the webinar marks the launch of a new ecourse from these ladies (which i am an affiliate for) so if the idea of profit with purpose sounds right for you, do check out the webinar. it will be a great way to see if the course will be a good investment, and you know how i feel about investing in you and your biz: you gotta do it! just pick the right people/products for you. webinars are awesome for that!

click here to see all of the details and register for the free webinar.

human powered awesome

natalie sisson from the suitcase entrepreneur is doing an amazing 6445 km bike ride across africa to raise money for click here to see what she is doing and why, and while you are see if there is a way you can help out by spreading the word, donating, sponsoring or making a purchase. now, excuse me for a sec while i go buy a ‘human powered awesome’ tshirt. they are, well, awesome! so clearly, i need one!

diving in

cas mccullough from support a wahp has written a fabulous ebook called diving in. i think this book is perfect for someone who wants to start a little biz but is not sure where to start. she covers everything from figuring out what kind of business to start, to planning, branding, marketing and even facebook for biz. practical, hands-on tips you can use if you want to build yourself a kickass biz! (and if you already have a biz maybe you know of someone who wants one too! pass it on =) )

click here to have a look.

how to be a work-at-home mom

prerna malik from the mom writes and social media direct has written her first ebook: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life. it includes brainstorming ideas for your own bits, tips on pitching, free promotional strategies, time management and productivity, creating a budget, plus heaps more. she also includes interviews with four mums in biz (including me, and i am in such great company, i tell you!) for added tips and inspiration. click here to have a look.

have you got something awesome on offer? let me know! if it is the right fit for build a little biz i might include it in a future recommended awesomeness post. i am only an affiliate for people and products i love, and i only recommend things that i believe in. =)