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as always, i ONLY recommend resources that i believe are helpful and worth your investment of time and money! and i do believe that you need to invest in yourself and your biz, so find the right people to help you!

181 awesome ideas to promote your biz & build some buzz

by popular demand, i have spiffed up the ideas shared in our recent online workshop and have made this huge brainstorm available to everyone. (by spiffed up i mean i organized all of the ideas into categories and searched for helpful resources to link to as well.) the list has gone from my original 103 ideas, to 175 after the workshop, to 181 once i finished 'spiffing' and i will probably add to it again one day!

the ideas are the result of 2 years of researching and bookmarking awesome ideas, as well as expanding on those contribued by the workshop participants. it is more than 'just a list' as i have added links to articles, blog posts & examples wherever possible, so that you can get the help you need implementing whichever of the ideas you choose. 

readers are always asking me 'how do i promote my business' so this list is surely a fantastic starting point!

click here to read what's inside.


the $100 start up - only 72 hour - mega package

the ONLY72 boys have done it again! this year they have a huge package to help you kick ass with your biz.

the $100 startup package looks AWESOME! $1005 worth of biz resources for just $100 - but only for 72 hours, so get on it now.

you get:

  • 8 downloadable business training courses valued at $1,005

-Better blogging
-Creating a passion-based business
-Freelancing, writing and art (including turning your hobby into a business)
-Building confidence and courage
-Sales and advertising (including ethical selling that works!)
-Technology and systems

  • plus 1 print copy of Chris Guillieabeau's The $100 Startup shipped to your door anywhere in the world

as someone who has bought one of the  72hour packages that has been offered in the past, i can attest to what great value it is. i had one major product/strategy to focus on for each month of the year, and a few left over as extras, for a very small investment of money. i was thrilled! if you are thinking you need some help with your biz, but like to DIY and work through at your own pace - this is perfect for you!

click here to read the full details of the 18 resources you get in the package.*



WE mastermind

WE Mastermind

the natalies (natalie sisson & natalie macneil) have opened up their free video series once again to help women entrepreneurs find that sweet spot between their knowledge, passion and expertise and package that into products and services that allow them to create profitable online businesses which allow them to lead the lifestyle they deserve. doesn't that sound awesome? they will be opening their incredible WE mastermind course for 2012 and the free videos are an awesome opportunity to get some tips for your biz but also checking out what the natalies have to offer. 

click here to sign up for the free video series*

*affiliate link. if you purchase a product from one of the fabulous champions of women in biz that i recommendt, it supports build a little biz too. that way i can keep helping you as much as i possibly can! i am only an affiliate/sponsor for people and products i love, and i only recommend things that i believe in.