so much to tell you about today!

first up - big news! my new guide is available today. this is the ultimate guide to finding your spark and making your little biz shine. this is a game changer y'all - i am already getting the most amazing comments from readers about how much this is helping them find their passion & confidence. so awesome. i put my heart and soul into this - making it inspirational and actionable and vibrant! click here to read all of the details. (the best $25 you can spend on your dream. seriously.)


my amazing friend elle has a new round of her 5 day business plan course starting on october 15th. i get asked all. the. time. about business planning, so i thought this might be just the right thing for y'all. click here for all the details and to register.


the problogger event is taking place next week in melbourne and i have been waiting excitedly for this event for months. live tickets are sold out but darren just opened up virtual tickets today so i had to be sure to share it with you. whether you want to use blogging as a strategic marketing tool for your little biz, or if blogging is your biz, this event is going to be awesome. chris guillebeau is one of my blogging heros, the price of a ticket is worth learning from him alone, not to mention the other amazing speakers & teachers who will be there. click here to get all the details and to purchase your virtual pass. 


this is something i know will be of interest to many of you. i have offered a free brainstorming / mentoring session as part of this ultimate biz makeover along with 7 other prizes - you get the whole freaking package from website to logo & business cards to marketing plan to money management.  could you do with a major boost like this? click here to enter.  


lastly, one of you amazing fans has nominated build a little biz for a top 'work at home person' award and i am a finalist! thank you for the nomination - it is really nice to be recognized as being a leader in the 'little biz' world. if you feel so inclined would you pop here and vote for build a little biz? it is a one click thing - no registration required.


one final thing... i am working on a new and awesome addition to build a little biz - something that will be helpful and inspiring, and free for all subscribers and fans. for the first time i am opening up build a little biz to some limited and exclusive advertising - i am really looking for very special sponsors who are true ambassadors for women in biz. if you would like the media kit - just send me an email. i would love to hear from you 

* this post contains affiliate links. i only ever recommend products & people that i genuinely believe in.