are you searching for a new business paradigm?

i am always teaching my clients to talk about their “why” or their “spark”. even when it is hard to verbalize, even when you aren’t sure yourself exactly what it is you want to say, the more you talk about it the easier the words come. and you start to connect with people who care about the same things you do.

so i am going to take my own advice and talk something out here, with y’all.

for a long time i have felt like there had to be something more to building a biz that the “how tos” and the “should dos”. that the formulas for success and the hard core business advice just wasn’t “enough” for me.

it is why i started this blog in the first place. i wanted to be able to take those formulas and that advice and everything i was learning and distil it down into something that would make sense to women like me.

women who are longing for something more than profit. women who are motivated by freedom, by flexibility, and by fulfilment. women who aren’t always comfortable with the traditional sales approach but are ready to work their asses off to achieve success, who are ready to invest in their dreams.

and it is why i changed my branding to include “make it shine” after “build a little biz” – i feel like it is not enough to just follow some steps to build a micro-business – it is about doing it in a way that will allow you truly shine.

but still – even after more than a year of talking about shining and sparks and being you and being awesome… i am still trying to work out what it is that makes us different.

i recently got together with my biz BFFs and we were talking about this very idea – that some of us don't feel like we completely fit in with the way we see people talking about and doing business online. we've been wondering if we need to think about a new business paradigm.

the selly sell hustle approach

many of us experience some or all of these feelings:

  • abhor the thought of having a 70 page business plan
  • discomfort with the hard core selly sell approach to making money
  • turned off by pushy, selfish (it’s all about me) approach to communications
  • dislike the atmosphere of competition in our niche
  • uncertainty around the idea that we need to “hustle” in order to achieve success
  • surprise at the way some people seem so disingenuous, yet find success
  • inadequate or uncomfortable with being strategic
  • fear at sharing our true selves (be it beliefs, or passions, or style)
  • less than enthusiastic about some business models and strategies
  • not interested in “6 figure” goals and “premium pricing” models
  • turned off by the way people brag or build themselves up to seem successful

denise duffield-thomas shared an idea that i have used a lot lately...

when we are annoyed or turned off by someone else’s actions or words we should view it as a mirror. hold the mirror up to ourselves and see what it says about who we are.

so that is something to think about. 

and i have just looked up “strategy” in the thesaurus to see if i can find a better word for what i really want in my biz… and besides the obvious (planning, procedure) these are some of the other words that came up…

strategy = maneuver, tactics, tricks, cunning, deceit, racket
antomyms = honesty & openness

what the eff?

it is no wonder that i have never really been comfortable with the idea of being “strategic” – even though i clearly do have strategies in place with my business.

the woo woo organic aproach

many of us often wish that

  • our biz could just grow organically
  • our right customers would just come to us on their own
  • we could just let the universe send success our way
  • we could just give away our gifts for free
  • we could just earn money from our passion
  • we could just “build it and they would come”
  • we could just be authentic and everything else would follow

but of course you cannot just sit back and wait for everything to happen on its own. a lot of biz owners describe their success as ‘organic’ (and i know i do to) however you have to have some strategy in place to make it profitable.

and while there are many people who do talk about things like generosity, abundance, law of attraction, the universe (or soul or spirituality) etc. often times those concepts feel a bit too woo woo – like we know there must be more than just sitting back and waiting for the universe to deliver. let’s get real!

plus authenticity is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, but it is hard to buy into it when the very people who spout about authenticity appear to be copying someone else’s style or have a completely different vibe when you actually talk to them then they give off with their brand. it’s disconcerting!

so here is what i am thinking…

i am wondering if this is where a lot of our “stuck” feelings around our biz come from. that there is some gap between what we have in our hearts, and the actions we seem to have to take to grow our biz. that there is a gap between the woo woo side of things and the hustle side of things.

that maybe there is a group of us who are a bit disenchanted with some of what we have seen online and in person, who want to embrace both the organic AND the strategic, who want to figure out how to be generous AND profitable… who want to build success in way that feels really RIGHT.

these are the words that are coming up for me, the stuff i want to be part of MY business paradigm

  • community
  • gratitude
  • abundance
  • authenticity
  • transparency
  • humility
  • passion
  • relationships
  • intuition
  • values
  • space (for whatever the universe has in store)
  • strategy
  • basic business principles
  • plans
  • vision
  • action
  • karma (the more you give the more you get returned, do unto others…)
  • organic growth
  • profit
  • freedom
  • flexibility
  • fullfillment

what do you think? i am turning it over to you.

first i would like to give you permission to embrace all the parts of yourself – whether it is allowing some more woo into your biz or allowing some more strategy into your biz…

and secondly i would love to hear from you!

which of these words listed above would you like to embrace as part of your business? what new ones can you add? or redefine perhaps? what things turn you off about biz? what do you see when you hold the mirror up?

add your comments here – pop over to the facebook page to add your comments – write your own blog post on this topic and share it.

i am hoping i am not the only one with all of these thinky thoughts about biz!